brain drainWho would have thought that keeping old records would save the day? For Dan Rozwadowski at Eagle Grinding and Plating, those scanned-in records helped save a customer and get them more business.

Sharing Knowledge

Recently more and more Baby Boomers are retiring and they’re taking knowledge with them that was never written down. This is the “Brain Drain”. Eagle Grinding and Plating has deliberately tried to avoid this problem by making sure any important information is in E2, where anyone in the company can see it. As Dan said, “In 2008 when I was realizing how much information I had committed to memory, I knew that was the time to get it out of my head and out where everyone else can see it.”

Computer-Aided Memory

A while ago, a previous customer called Dan saying that they knew they’d gotten work from Eagle Grinding and Plating in the past, but they didn’t have any records on the specifications or when it happened. They just knew they needed another one. Fortunately, Eagle Grinding and Plating had been scanning old paperwork and archiving it in E2 for years. They were able to easily pull up all the information they needed about that job. From there, they could make it again for the customer.

While this is a big deal to their customer, to Eagle Grinding and Plating, it’s just another example of how E2 has been a lifesaver for them. Being able to find these records and filling in the knowledge gaps in their own company with E2 has helped them to more than double their sales.

The Reward

Because they keep such excellent records in E2, it’s easy for Eagle Grinding and Plating to help their customers. If they need to look up a past job, they can do that with a click. If a customer wants to reorder something, that’s just as easy. It helps them in the shop as well. Everything that everyone needs to know is in E2, which means they can complete every job accurately. They’ve eliminated guesswork on the floor or having to find someone to answer questions about a job. With E2, they have everything they need right in front of them and are avoiding the Brain Drain. With all this information at their fingertips, Eagle Grinding and Plating can get their customers the jobs they want with the turnaround time they need. Using these and other abilities of E2, Eagle Grinding and Plating is looking to do even more with E2.


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