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Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2020

popular blog posts

2020 was a year of change, especially for manufacturing. Shutdowns and supply chain worries were a big part of the year, and shop owners were looking for ways to be more efficient. This past year, Shoptech’s top ten most popular blog posts were about improving shops and learning new things. 10. 3 Tips for Scheduling…

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3 Reasons These Shops Love their ERP System on the Cloud

The days when you had to physically be in the shop to work are over. Technology has made it possible to run your shop from anywhere, save money and time, and keep it safe. There are many advances in technology that have led to this, but ERP software, on the cloud, has made huge strides…

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Why Purchasing and Ordering Matter in a Job Shop

purchasing and ordering for inventory

A job can’t run without materials. That necessity is part of why purchasing and ordering are so important, but they can have an even bigger impact on your shop. It’s critical your shop has a program for purchasing and ordering that can keep up. Otherwise, you could be spending too much money and sending out…

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Get Peace of Mind with Shoptech’s Data Entry Services

data entry services with E2

Implementing a new ERP system is one of the most difficult parts of using a new system. One often-forgotten part of this process is moving information over from the old system into the new one. If the old system was spreadsheets or another ERP system that will let you export your information, this process should…

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Changes to Section 179 Make It Better for Your Shop

tax deduction

As it gets closer to the end of the year, accounting savvy manufacturers will be thinking about how to maximize their tax deduction under Section 179. Not accounting savvy? No problem. Section 179 is essentially part of tax law that allows manufacturers to write off their purchase price for qualifying equipment and/or software that they…

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E2 SHOP Apps Take Your Shop to the Next Level

E2 Apps

ERP systems are an integral part of a shop. However, they are less useful when you have to walk back and forth to a computer every time you want to use them. With this in mind, Shoptech has made a number of mobile apps for E2 SHOP available in the App Store or in Google…

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How an ERP System Can Save You Money

save money with software

You probably know that an ERP system can make your shop more efficient. However, did you know that it can also save your shop money? An ERP system can have a great impact on your bottom line by allowing you to eliminate work, work more quickly, and accurately quote and schedule. Eliminate Work Many shops…

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An ERP System That’s Just Right

right fit

You’re probably familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks tries the bears’ oatmeal, chairs, and beds throughout her tour of their house. She’s looking for the one that’s not too big or too little, but is just right. Looking for an ERP system is kind of like that. Some systems are…

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Shoptech Stands Out From the Crowd

There is no doubt that an ERP system can do great things for a shop. Using this technology can save shops time and effort and let them run far more efficiently. However, in order for an ERP system to live up to its reputation, it has to be backed by an excellent vendor. Shoptech has…

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An ERP System: The Most Efficient Employee

If you’re like most shops, you keep yours running as efficiently as possible. However, there are some areas you could improve upon. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire one employee to organize everything from your accounting department to the entire shop floor? This one person could instantly give you the information you need…

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Why Downtime is the Right Time to Implement New Shop Software

With the calendar recently flipping over to November, many shops are preparing for their least favorite time of the year – downtime. But this slow time may also be the perfect time to implement new shop software. Nearly every shop in every industry has some period of downtime. Some industries experience downtime in the summer…

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Virtual Training: A Critical Ingredient for Your Shop Software

A machine or other piece of equipment is only as valuable as the person operating it. You know that better than anyone. You can invest all the money in the world in a new piece of machinery. However, if the operator doesn’t know how to use it properly, you won’t get the maximum potential return…

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E2 and Quickbooks: A Match Made in Manufacturing Heaven

Quickbooks is the leading business accounting software platform for a reason. It’s easy-to-use, simple to learn, and compatible with a wide range of devices, platforms, and other software. If you use Quickbooks to manage your shop’s accounting process, you have plenty of company. As great as Quickbooks is, though, it can’t do everything your shop…

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3 Ways Scheduling Software Can Help You Boost Revenue

How do you manage your shop schedule? Do you use scheduling software? Or do you have a simpler system, such as a whiteboard, a spreadsheet, or maybe even a bunch of post-it notes on the shop wall? If you have resisted the urge to invest in scheduling software, now may be the time to reconsider….

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Do you know where your job is?


There’s one constant in every machine shop – change. You can have the most detailed plans and processes in the world, but if you can’t facilitate change, you’re going to have difficulty being successful in the manufacturing world. Nowhere is the ability to adapt more important than in your scheduling process. If your shop is…

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Machine shop software: Does yours make the grade?

  Your ERP software can make all the difference between delivering on-time and being profitable versus missing customer deadlines and losing money. And it’s not just enough to have ERP software. You also need the right software for your shop, and you need to utilize it to its fullest capabilities. The good news is you…

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Material Requirement Planning Software

Eliminate lag time in your production process No more holding off on jobs until the materials arrive. No more production delays while your team looks for the materials they need. Stop sending money out the back door in scrap and waste. With E2’s Material Requirement Planning Module, you can control your purchasing process like never…

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Manufacturing Accounting Software

Manufacturing Purchasing Software

Keep QuickBooks for a seamless integration with E2 Do you use QuickBooks? Do you and your team spend too much time manually entering purchase order information into Quickbooks? You can kiss that redundant work goodbye with E2 manufacturing software. E2 seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online to give you an easy and convenient accounting…

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The Miracle of What-If How many times has a customer asked, “If I give you the PO today, how soon will I receive my parts? Shoptech’s Manufacturing Scheduling System gives you the ability to plug in the proposed job and see exactly when it will be delivered, based on your shop’s current workload. The What-If…

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Data Collection Software

The Power of E2 Data Collection in The Palm of Your Hand One of the most exciting features of E2 SHOP is the mobile responsiveness, so your team can access the Data Collection module directly from their workstation with just a cell phone. Shoptech offers Apple and Android compatible apps, including the E2 SHOP Touchscreen…

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Manufacturing Software Shipping

Flow your work order directly into your shipping system E2’s shipping module works seamlessly with the other modules in the software. When your job is completed, the information automatically loads into the shipping program. When you’re ready to ship, simply print off the delivery ticket, shipping slip, and any other documentation that you need. Shipping…

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Ordering Software

Make Your Team More Efficient and More Productive Time is money in the manufacturing business. You can’t afford to have your staff doing repetitive and needless work. Automate this part of your business by using software that automatically converts your estimates into order. Then use the software to distribute the job order information to the…

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