What You Need for a Strong Job Shop Website

updating your job shop's website

With social distancing in effect and travel cut down, more and more people are turning online to find what they need. That includes manufacturing customers. If you have a website, you may not have had many visitors to it before, but that has likely changed. Your shop’s website can be a way to convince people…

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Great Customer Relationships in 2 Easy Steps

how to manage great customer relationships

Having great customer relationships is always important. Change is constant, so it’s important for your customers to know that they can count on your shop. The two steps to making strong customer relationships are communicating and building trust. Communicate Changes At the beginning of the pandemic, you probably received many emails about what various companies…

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Eliminate Double Entry with E2 and CADLink

ERP systems make many things easier in manufacturing shops. However, there are still gaps in some software packages. For example, if a manufacturer gets a CAD file from one of their customers, it would be easiest for the manufacturer if that CAD file could update in their ERP system. However, for many ERP systems, this…

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Shoptech Community: The New Tool to Elevate Your Shop’s Success

shoptech community shop success

At Shoptech, we developed the E2 Shop System because we are familiar with the challenges that shop owners face. Our founders grew up in a shop, learning firsthand about the tools needed to efficiently manage a job shop. Working together to solve problems on the shop floor is the foundation of the Shoptech Community. The…

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Classroom Training

This two-day course is designed for new customers and outlines how to get E2 running in your shop by focusing on the key elements of the software. Each student will have access to their own computer when attending class to ensure new users receive hands-on experience during group instruction and “Lab Times” to allow each…

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Online Tutorials

Online tutorials offer a convenient way for you to learn about the E2 Shop System at the time and location of your choosing. With the purchase of a full maintenance contract, you receive around-the-clock access to our library of recorded training sessions for the life of your maintenance period. Here’s How It Works Login to the…

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The e-Newsletter The e-Newsletter highlights the latest enhancements to the E2 Shop System, along with answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, we provide a list of new customers and a schedule of when the latest version is available for download. To receive the e-Newsletter, please contact support at 1-800-677-9640 or email [email protected]. Bulletin The Testing…

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ISO System Training, Implementation and Audit Services

The E2 Rapid Documentation System, the E2 Shop System Quality Module, ISO Training, and ISO Auditing allow your manufacturing organization to become thoroughly prepared to pass an ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, or AS9100 Certification Audit. ISO Training On-Site training prepares your organization for an ISO Certification Audit. Learn the requirements of each ISO clause. Determine the implementation…

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Development Services

Our Development team is available to help you with special EXEs and reporting needs, advanced searches and hot spots. Our team of talented developers will work closely with you to ensure that you get what you need from the E2 Shop System. Special EXEs can be written to meet advanced reporting needs that cannot be…

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Implementation Services

Implementation Specialist We realize that switching to a new shop management system is a daunting task.  Some people are hesitant to change and just need a little extra hand holding during the implementation period.  With this in mind, we assign an Implementation Specialist to every new customer. The implementation specialist’s sole responsibility is to get…

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Technical Support

The Shoptech technical support department is uniquely qualified to answer questions on all of our products and shops in general. Many technicians in the support department have worked in a manufacturing shop prior to joining Shoptech. When you call for support, you won’t have to worry about whether your technician knows what a router is….

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