Data collection is often an unsung hero of ERP software, but it’s what we build everything else on. Putting good data into your ERP system means getting good information out. First Tool Corporation and Rapid Design Group both saw first-hand what data collection could do for their shops. 

First Tool Corporation 

data collection

First Tool Corporation has seen some great changes from data collection. Before, there was one place in the plant to clock in or out. Employees wasted a lot of time waiting in line and walking across the plant to use the time clock. Now, they can use their phones or tablets to clock in or out, right where they are. Remote clocking has also been invaluable for their employees on the road. Before, there was no way for them to clock in or out. Now, they open the app on their phone to access the time clock. 

First Tool has also seen much more accurate time reporting since they started using data collection. Their employees can clock in or out on a job from a phone or tablet. That means it’s possible to see how long it takes to run a step on a job. From here, they can estimate more accurately or see which people need some extra training to get their work done more efficiently. Both of those things lead to estimating the right amount of time for a job to take and charging accurately. 

Rapid Design Group 

Rapid Design Group has seen changes at several levels since they started using data collection. Because they see the whole job, their machinists have started thinking holistically about every project. It’s not just a step they have to do, but a series of steps that they could potentially improve. And they have made improvements. 

They also no longer must struggle to read handwritten information. Because everyone clocks in and out through the ERP system, it’s easy to see how long they worked and how long they spent on a job. In the past, there was always the chance that someone might spill coffee on an important paper or that their handwriting might be hard to read. With data collection, this information is put into a computer first, meaning it’s legible and available right away. 

Rapid Design Group has also seen a much bigger change in the way their shop communicates. With data collection and their ERP system, there’s a structure for all their important data, and it’s a snap to find out what you need, even if it’s from another division. There is one source of truth accessible for everyone in the shop, so anyone can get the answers they need right away. 

First Tool Corporation and Rapid Design Group have seen changes in their shops just from their ERP software’s data collection. Using the rest of their ERP software has made even more changes in their shop. Find out what else ERP software can do for your shop.



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