E2 and QuickBooks: An ERP Partnership
Often, when shops are looking at getting an ERP system, they have some solutions that already work for them. While an ERP system can take care of most aspects of manufacturing, sometimes shops have grown attached to their accounting software, which is seen frequently with QuickBooks users. Shoptech continues to see benefits in helping users integrate QuickBooks with E2. When integrated, users gain compatibility, easy implementation, and familiarity for their shop.


E2 was designed with QuickBooks in mind. This means that you aren’t stuck dealing with double entry or difficult procedures. E2 has the ability to automatically transfer a variety of information to QuickBooks, such as part information, customer and vendor records, invoices, tax details, and more. The integration between E2 and QuickBooks is not hindered by E2 updates, so you’re always able to obtain the latest and greatest version of E2 without the fear of disrupting your accounting process. The rigorous attention to detail put into this compatibility, Shoptech is a Certified Gold Developer with QuickBooks, so users can trust that this integration is rock solid.

Easy Implementation

The implementation of E2 is easy on your accountant because you can continue using QuickBooks throughout the implementation process. There is no need to migrate over records or any other accounting information from QuickBooks over into E2. With your entire accounting process intact, you will find it much easier to implement new software and ensure that the shop’s finances are healthy and accurate. Keeping QuickBooks also gives users some continuity in their software, even as they’re adding a new ERP system. Simplify the implementation process through the consistency of QuickBooks accounting.


QuickBooks is one of the most popular options for accounting software in the manufacturing industry. It has not gotten this distinction without good reason. If a shop is already using QuickBooks, it welcomes the use of their current accounting software through Certified Gold integration. However, if a shop does not have accounting software, E2’s Accounting Module can fill this need. Either way, you can be assured your accounting needs are taken care of so you can focus on the development of your company.

Users of E2 and QuickBooks can enjoy compatibility, easy integration, and familiarity while using the two products simultaneously. E2’s goal is to make it easier for users to run their shops more efficiently, and Shoptech understands that efficiency can come in the form of familiarity. The ability for shops to keep their accounting processes intact while growing their production levels through E2 is just one of the many ways Shoptech maintains a customer-centric focus. We have the solution to your shop’s needs.


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