E2 Shop AppsERP systems are an integral part of a shop. However, they are less useful when you have to walk back and forth to a computer every time you want to use them. With this in mind, Shoptech has made a number of mobile apps for E2 SHOP available in the App Store or in Google Play. Each of the apps serves a different purpose in taking your shop to the next level. The apps are the Employee DC Mobile App and Tablet App, Images App, and Inventory App.

Employee DC Mobile App and Tablet App

The Employee DC Mobile App and the Data Collection Tablet App are very similar. The only difference between the two is the first is meant for an employee’s phone, where only one employee can log in. The second is meant for a tablet, where multiple employees can clock in and out. These apps excel at data collection and were created to track all kinds of data from clocking into work, to tracking time on jobs, and more. Both of these apps are able to scan the barcodes on job travelers to show which job an employee is starting and which step they’re working on. Geo-fencing in the apps prevents anyone from clocking in or out when they aren’t at the shop.

Images App

The Images Mobile App can be used on a phone or on a tablet. This app lets you access E2 SHOP’s images or add to them from anywhere. An employee can see images of products, employees, or work centers to find exactly who or what they’re looking for. This capability also allows for quick and easy employee badge creation. In addition, if an employee needs to take a picture of something from the shop floor, they can take a picture and upload it to E2 SHOP. Now you can immediately upload an item’s image into E2 SHOP. It can also add employee signatures to paperwork directly from the app.

Inventory App

The Inventory App helps employees manage inventory and is available for both tablets and mobile devices. Specifically, this app is helpful to employees who are doing inventory. Search for items using in-app filters or use your phone’s camera to scan items into the app. If an employee is on the floor and they see inventory is incorrect, they can adjust the quantity and location and leave a note about why they made changes directly from the app. With the Inventory App, it’s much quicker and easier to keep an accurate account of the inventory. That means no more running between the inventory itself and a shop computer.

Accessing the software via a mobile device makes communication much faster and gives the shop more flexibility. You won’t have to worry anymore about an ERP system chaining your workers to a computer. These apps will keep your shop floor running smoothly without the need for a computer at every station.

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