CADLinkERP systems make many things easier in manufacturing shops. However, there are still gaps in some software packages. For example, if a manufacturer gets a CAD file from one of their customers, it would be easiest for the manufacturer if that CAD file could update in their ERP system. However, for many ERP systems, this is not possible. E2, on the other hand, is integrated with CADLink, which makes this possible and easy.

What is a CAD File?

CAD is a file type that allows a user to make a 2D or 3D drawing of an object. They include details such as materials, dimensions, and processes. Some customers prefer to send a manufacturer their jobs as CAD files. Then the manufacturer knows exactly what that customer wants for that job. Alternatively, some manufacturers like to create CAD files to simulate creating a part before they ever put the material in a machine. CAD files can be a critical tool for getting a job done right and out the door on time.

What is CADLink?

CADLink is a tool that allows shop owners to sync E2 to their CAD system and vice-versa. This allows a shop owner to edit a job in their CAD program and know that the BOM (Bill of Materials) and anything else impacted will automatically update in E2. In the same manner, if a shop owner makes changes to a job in E2, when they open up CADLink, the CAD file will update with those changes as well. This eliminates double entry between the two programs, ensuring that shop owners save time and have the right information where they need it.

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