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Change is hard. As humans, our species inherently fights change. In fact, there’s a study out there that 70% of change efforts do not achieve the ultimate goals and results. With that stat in mind, how can any manufacturing company have the confidence to commit to investing and running an ERP system? Because many times, they have to. They need to survive, thrive and grow. Are you one of those companies that need to change?

Luckily, if implementation and training is one big factor holding you back from purchasing an ERP system for your manufacturing business, you can mark that off your list — with the right manufacturing software, that is. This is where doing your homework will pay off!

Let’s look at two companies who recently purchased an ERP system. Company A didn’t quite do their due diligence and bought a software solution without really understanding the support network. Their newly selected ERP implementation team was pulled in all directions and couldn’t provide sufficient training. They neglected to learn about Company A’s structure and processes and therefore didn’t adapt the training to accommodate the company’s schedule or learning methods.

Company A also bears culpability because they didn’t devote the time and energy needed to make implementation a success. They got caught up in the demands of their day-to-day operations and were unable to commit the time needed for deployment and training. This is typical since there is a business to run, making it all the more necessary to select an ERP vendor that will assist in the entire rollout of new software.  They were also stuck in the “that’s how we’ve always done it” mindset and couldn’t effectively discuss their end goals with the provider of their new manufacturing software.

Now let’s look at Company B who did their homework, chose the right ERP system for their needs and understood what implementation and support they were getting for their money. Company B devoted time, efforts and resources so that deployment went off without a hitch. Furthermore, they were careful to map out and present the company’s future with the system in place to foster and encourage buy-in from all department heads prior to deployment.

Company B’s ERP implementation team was on site for initial training and offered both virtual training and traditional classroom training. Along with multiple human touchpoints, phone assistance, help papers and an online support community, Company B will not be part of the 70%. Instead, they were surprised and pleased to declare the processes took less time than they planned and that they are already seeing the ROI of their investment.  After all, a newly purchased manufacturing software solution not being utilized is a waste of money.

While purchasing and implementing an ERP system can be a daunting task, researching your options and choosing a company that provides outstanding implementation and multiple support options can make the change far more manageable and ultimately successful. Now isn’t that the change we all need!

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