erp upgradeTechnology is changing rapidly, and advancements in tech solutions are revolutionizing the manufacturing world. Today, the most successful machine and job shops are often the ones that invest in technology so they can leverage the latest innovations. Is it time for an ERP upgrade?

Over the past decade or so, many shops have recognized the need for ERP software. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software gives you full transparency and control over your shop’s resources and processes, so you can operate more efficiently and more profitably.

ERP manufacturing software has evolved in recent years. Onsite, locally-installed systems are giving way to web-based solutions.

At Shoptech, we have unveiled our Web-Based offering: the NEW E2 Shop System.

Are you still using a legacy, on-premise manufacturing software platform? Now might be the time to transition to a web-based solution. Below are a few ways in which upgrading to a web-based ERP solution could keep you way ahead of your competition:

Cost Efficiency

One of the best ways to stay competitive is to eliminate waste and allocate your resources as efficiently as possible. Legacy, in-house ERP solutions can certainly provide transparency into your shop so you can make smart resource decisions.

Web-based ERP systems, however, are often packed with the latest modules and features and are continually updated with new tools. That means you always have the latest technology to manage spending, labor, materials, and more.

Scalable Performance

Many legacy ERP systems were state-of-the-art when they were released, but now they are far behind the technology curve. If you have an older, legacy ERP system and want to stay with an in-house solution, your only option is to invest in new software. That might require a hefty upfront cost.

Web-based ERP is scalable. If you need additional features, bandwidth, usernames, or more, you simply upgrade your software as needed. You do not have to install new software or make a substantial upfront investment. You change your plan and start using your new features immediately. Web-based ERP is flexible and scalable enough to grow with your shop.

Targeted Focus

How many labor hours do you lose to solving issues in your legacy ERP system? Couldn’t that time be better spent on more important items?

Most web-based ERP solutions, including E2 Shop System, come with ongoing support. Your ERP vendor handles maintenance and issue resolution. You focus on serving your customers and growing your shop.

Enhanced Security

There’s a misconception that in-house ERP is more secure than web-based ERP because it is installed in your facility. The truth is that most web-based ERP systems have advanced security features that would never be feasible on a local system. Web-based ERP systems are regularly backed-up and upgraded, keeping your data safe at all times.

Limited Risk

Have you ever experienced downtime with your ERP software? What impact did that have on your shop’s ability to operate? It usually leads to chaos and downtime on the shop floor.

Web-based ERP systems often come with a no-downtime guaranteed. Also, web-based solutions are backed up and duplicated so that even if downtime does happen, there is a duplicate copy of your data available.

Ready for the next step in your shop’s evolution? An ERP upgrade. Let’s talk about it.