When buying new ERP software, training and support are some of the most important parts of deciding which company to buy from. You need effective training to be able to use the software you just bought. In addition, a responsive support team is important for when you have questions after you start using the software. Some ERP vendors make their customers wait days to hear back when they have a question. Shoptech answers questions as soon as possible and doesn’t keep manufacturers waiting. Below are four companies that have had great experiences with Shoptech’s training and support.

Stainless Metals

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Stainless Metals is a custom fabrication shop that bought E2 SHOP early in 2020. When COVID-19 hit, they had to close their shop for a while. But once they were able to get back to work, they were more than ready to learn how to use their new ERP software. Charles Diaz, the shop supervisor, realized that virtual training was the best way for him to learn the software. As he said about his trainer, “From one class, she taught me on how to start from an estimate, to a quotation, to an order, to a job traveler, to running it through the factory, with my tablet and my barcode scanner.”

Charles loves being able to pick these things up so quickly. He has to learn the software before anyone else in the shop so he can help them. With Shoptech’s training and support, he’s learning E2 SHOP as quickly as possible.

Also, it was important that Charles received answers to his questions quickly. Charles remembered one morning when he emailed one of his trainers, “I emailed Jeremy at 9:12. I figured, ‘All right. He’s busy. He’ll email me back in a couple of hours.’ 8 minutes later, I get an answer.” Charles was more than impressed at the quick turnaround. Getting his questions answered quickly and thoroughly helped Charles get back to running his shop sooner and made sure he had the tools to do it efficiently.

National Flag Company

The National Flag Company was impressed with the variety of training classes E2 offered. They took online classes, phone-in classes, and logged into the Shoptech Community when they had more questions. The Shoptech Community is an online site for customers to talk about how they use E2, ways they use the software to fit their unique shop, and to suggest new features. Having a variety of methods to learn about their software and to ask questions about it meant that everyone at the National Flag Company could learn E2 SHOP in a way that was best for them. The variety of methods available to learn about the software and ask questions fit their shop well.

The National Flag Company was also happy that they could train their employees based on their departments. For example, they could teach everyone in accounting how to use E2 SHOP and have that team transition first. The benefit of training a department at a time was that they didn’t have their whole shop down at once. Some departments could continue working at full capacity using the previous system. While others learned E2 SHOP and got up to speed on that software. In addition, if anyone needed to learn the software for multiple departments, that was easy. As Artie Schaller, General Manager, said, “The ease of the system is great, every different module being the exact same setup, once you figure out one; you know what you’re getting into on the next one.” Artie was happy that it was easy to get started with E2 SHOP and keep his shop running.

First Tool

First Tool bought E2 SHOP on the cloud when one of their servers was failing. They didn’t have time to waste before they started using their new system. Fortunately, they had a great transition from their old system over to E2 SHOP. As Brett Houseman, IT Director, said, “E2 SHOP has been great. The transition has been very smooth. I would recommend this to anybody that needs a shop software system.” A smooth transition is so helpful. First Tool was able to start using E2 SHOP as soon as possible, which kept their shop running.

Once they started using the software, if they had questions, as Brett shared, they checked the Shoptech Community, opened a support ticket from the community, or called the support line. These options have been helpful for First Tool. The Shoptech Community has been invaluable because it’s full of other customers sharing their tips on how they use E2 for their unique shop. It’s also been helpful to ask for help either through the Community or on the phone because some problems are more easily explained in writing and some are easier to explain through conversation. Brett is happy they have these options for training and support. He’s more than glad that they have E2 SHOP.

Rehtek Machine

Rehtek Machine has used E2 for over 20 years. They’ve used just about every part of the software, but one of their favorite parts of E2 is the support. As Steve Rey, the owner shared, “If you have a glitch, an error, really anything that’s wrong, all you have to do is get someone from Shoptech on the phone and they’ll help. Even when it’s our fault – user error – they’re happy to walk us through the issue and get it resolved.” Steve and his employees know they can call Shoptech with any problem and get their solution quickly and easily.

Recently, Rehtek Machine decided to start using E2 MFG on the cloud. The transition over was smooth and quicker than they expected. Rehtek Machine attaches images, solid models, videos, and reference drawings to their jobs, and they’ve been doing that for years. Data conversion was done in two to three days, despite the large number of files that needed to be moved to MFG on the cloud. As Steve shared, “This could have taken months. Shoptech and RDI Cloud VOS worked as a team to get us up and running quickly and efficiently.” With MFG on the cloud up and running so quickly, Rehtek Machine could get back to work using their new software.

Time is money, and nowhere is that more true than on the shop floor. You’re losing money if your shop has to wait for an answer to a technical question, or if it can’t implement its new ERP software quickly. While it is important to make sure a new ERP system fits what your shop needs, it’s also important to make sure that technical support from that vendor is also handled quickly. The four shops above have seen great things from using E2’s training and support. Why not see if it’s a fit for your shop?

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