When choosing ERP software, it’s important to consider support. Most vendors will have phone lines available for support, but there are times when different methods are better. Sometimes it’s best to make answering your question a group effort. Shoptech’s E2 Customer Community truly is a community of Shoptech customers that allows them to come together and find the best ways to use their ERP software in their shops.


support team

Sometimes, the best tips for software come from other users. In the E2 Customer Community, customers can browse the forums for tips, tricks, and solutions to problems from other shop owners. If you’re having a problem or if you want to learn how to do something with E2, it’s likely that someone else has had the same question. By logging into the customer community, you can look at questions that other customers have asked and learn from the collective experience of everyone on the forums. If no one has asked your question before, it’s easy to start a new conversation around it and to get input from other users.

Text-Based Support

Sometimes, when you’re having problems with software, it’s easier to ask for help when it’s written down rather than spoken. The E2 Customer Community lets you chat online with support from within the community. If you looked through the forums for a solution to your problem and didn’t find anything, it’s easy to click on the support chat and ask a Shoptech tech for help. If the tech helps you come up with a new way of doing things in the software, it’s a snap to copy the text from your conversation and put it somewhere safe so you can refer to it again later.

Enhancement Suggestions

E2 was started by two brothers who worked in a job shop, so Shoptech understands how important it is for people on the shop floor to have a say in the software they use. That’s why Shoptech has a section for enhancement suggestions within the customer community. If an enhancement gets enough votes, Shoptech will get to work adding it to the software. Sometimes it’s a matter of using tips and tricks that others share to get the software to do what you want, but sometimes you need a new feature added. Shoptech makes sure that its customers have both of these options to maximize the ERP software’s usefulness.


Sometimes it’s not enough to search the forums and ask a question, and you just need to contact support. It’s easy to contact support directly from the customer community, in a variety of ways. You can chat with support, open a support case, or pick up the phone and call. If you’re already in the community, it’s easy to chat or email directly from there, and even if you call in, you’ll know exactly how to phrase your problem so tech support knows how to help you.


Even before the pandemic, it was hard to find time to talk to other shop owners. Through the E2 Customer Community, you can keep up to date with what’s going on in your industry and talk to other shop owners. You can keep a safe distance by talking to them virtually and it’s easier to connect with other shop owners who may not have a free moment at the same time you do. By using the customer community forums, you can talk to other Shoptech customers at any time of day and keep your connections strong.

It takes a community to keep a shop running. Shoptech decided to put this community online so all their customers can access it. The community exists to make it easier for Shoptech customers to learn more about their software, whether they get that knowledge from Shoptech employees or other Shoptech customers. By being able to put everyone’s knowledge and experience together, shop owners can arrive at the best answer to their question, and the best answer for their shop. And that’s exactly why the E2 Customer Community was created.

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