company trainingImplementation is one part of the lifecycle of using a new ERP system. However, it’s the foundation that everything is built on. If the implementation doesn’t go well, then it will be much harder to use the system later. One way to make sure this foundation is solid for everyone in your shop is to make sure everyone goes through training on the new system.

This is the third blog in a series about the ways to avoid implementation failure. The first was about the importance of setting goals and the second was about getting company buy-in.

Everyone Uses It

If people in your shop don’t know how to use the system, they won’t. It’s that simple. People on the floor can come up with some pretty creative workarounds if they need to. If they haven’t been trained on the new system they’re supposed to be using, then they will figure out some way around it. It will be much easier to have everyone trained on how to use their part of the software, rather than expecting them to figure it out and making mistakes or using spreadsheets instead. If they’re not using that shiny, new ERP system, then the shop just wasted money.


Not everyone needs or wants to train the same way, so options are a must. An ERP vendor should have multiple ways to train people on the system, for example, classes at the vendor’s office, onsite training, online classes, and a video library. These different methods answer different needs. For instance, video libraries may have a variety of videos ranging from quick clips about how to do something simple, to longer videos that walk you through entire procedures. On the other hand, something like classes at the vendor’s office will be interactive and broad. Not everyone needs to know everything about your new ERP system, so different employees require different levels of training. Having the ability to pick a level of training like this is a necessity.

Keeping Current

The final aspect of training rest mostly on your shop’s shoulders, and that’s keeping current with the software. Your vendor will likely let you know when they come out with new modules or apps for their software, but it’s up to your shop to check into these options and see if they would be a good fit. A good vendor will be more than happy to have that discussion with you, but you’ll probably need to reach out to them first. This means that you’ll want to have an ongoing relationship with your vendor and occasionally check their website, social media, or emails. After, all your shop can’t take advantage of a new product if they don’t know about it.

There are many parts to a successful implementation, but training is one that will last for the lifetime of your ERP system. Good training will cover everyone who uses the ERP system, options for training, and keeping current with new products. Training everyone on the ERP system can also help your employees accept it more quickly, especially when they see how much easier their jobs are!

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