Things change quickly in job shops, and it’s important to make sure everyone can keep up. However, it’s hard to talk to people on the shop floor while social distancing. The more your shop is optimizing for things like profitability and meeting due dates, the more often you might need to communicate with the folks on the floor. If you’re using ERP software, all of this communication is much easier. 

ERP Software 

If your shop’s data only exists on paper or buried in a computer, then it’s hard to share it with everyone, and it’s even harder when we’re all trying to keep our distance. With ERP software, finding and sharing data is a snap. Everything is in one place, so it’s easy to find up-to-date data and act on it. If anything changes, the changes are reflected immediately throughout the ERP software. That’s critical for job shops where things move fast. Before, it may have been enough to have all of this data available through a computer or two on the shop floor. However, with the pandemic still happening and social distancing still in effect, ERP software can make it easier for your shop to communicate without potentially infecting anyone. 

ERP Apps 

ERP helps with social distancing

Folks on the floor in your shop need to know what they’re supposed to work on next. They need to be able to clock in and out of jobs, check quality, and so much more. A lot can change in a job shop, and it’s essential to keep these folks up to date on everything. It’s hard to hear someone from six feet away over the sound of machines running and through a mask. So don’t try yelling over the noise. Instead, let everyone on your shop floor access your ERP system from their smartphone

Using apps, the folks on the floor can keep up with changes as they’re happening. If the schedule gets upended because a rush order came in, they can see that on their phones. Having access through their phones means they don’t have to share a computer and potentially pass germs that way, and they can look at the schedule more quickly and keep on top of any changes. 


Another great way to keep the folks on the floor on schedule is to put that schedule up on the shop floor. Using a whiteboard or paper has its limits, and it can be hard to see. However, with an ERP system, you can put up large monitors so employees can see the schedule from their workstations. They won’t have to ask each other what’s coming next and can practice social distancing. Instead, they can look up and see everything they need to know before they start working on the next job. 

Even when we’re not in a pandemic, these tips can keep everyone in your shop more aware of what they need to do next and of any changes that happen. Accepting that rush job and getting it started right away can make a huge difference in your job shop. With an ERP system, you can have a quick response time throughout your shop, which means you can get jobs out the door more quickly and accurately. 

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