social media platformsSo, you’ve decided to put your shop on social media. Now, you have to decide which network to use and if you want to use more than one. With any network, you’ll want to commit to an update schedule that you can handle. For example, at first, it may seem like a good idea to post something every day, but it can be hard to keep that up. It can also be helpful to see if your competitors are already on the network you’re thinking of using. There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others about what works and what doesn’t. It’s also a good idea to join a network that fits the posts you want to make. For example, if you want to create long text posts, Instagram might not be the best network for you.

With all of that in mind, below we’ll explore five social media networks and how they might fit your shop.


Facebook will reach just about everyone, and Facebook posts are also versatile. You can post pictures, text, video, links to websites, and just about anything else. This isn’t true on all social media networks. Because Facebook is a fairly informal network, you can also make posts ranging from company event pictures to celebrating certifications you’ve earned, to videos of some of the work being done in your shop. Facebook also allows you to put open positions on your business page. Many have found that it’s easier to fill blue-collar jobs on Facebook than other job sites. Facebook is sort of the multi-tool of social media networks.

Google My Business

Google My Business can be invaluable if your customers are looking for local business services. If they use Google to look up shops like yours near them, you’ll want your shop to pop up. Using Google My Business pulls up a card in the search results that include a picture of your business, the location, its hours, reviews, and a few other things. It stands out and makes it more likely for people to click on it. Having reviews on your shop can also be important for potential customers to choose you. Because Google is so universal, it can be helpful whether your shop is B2B or B2C.


Yelp can also be invaluable if your customers are looking for a local shop. It’s similar to Google My Business. However, a person searching on Yelp is probably less likely to be representing a business and more likely to be someone looking for themselves. So if your shop is B2B, it might not be worth setting up a profile on Yelp. It would be best to see if your competitors are there and getting comments and reviews to see if your shop should try it. You can also look on Yelp and see if there is already a profile for your shop. If there is, you’ll want to claim it so you can make sure everything on there is accurate.


Instagram may seem like an unlikely platform for a manufacturer to use, but there is a community of manufacturers on Instagram. Welders, in particular, have embraced this picture and video-based network. There are a few limitations to Instagram. Each post either needs to have a picture or a video, and you can only post a clickable link in your business’ profile or in your stories. However, Instagram is an excellent place to be if you can find your audience. Manufacturing is almost made for getting cool pictures and videos of various processes. On this network, you’ll want to focus on getting great pictures and showing the human side of your shop.


LinkedIn is a great place to be if your shop works with other businesses. LinkedIn is made for B2B contact or for individuals to create a professional profile. Like Facebook, the format for posts is varied. You can include pictures, videos, text, links, and just about anything else. This social platform is a great place to show off your shop’s professional achievements, like any awards you’ve won or certifications you’ve earned. If your shop is mostly B2B, it might be worth setting up a LinkedIn, even if you don’t update it often. If your shop is mostly B2C, it might be less necessary. Either way, check and see what your competitors are doing or the results they’re getting.


When used well, social media can be a powerful force for your shop’s advertising and marketing. Because social media has become such a common part of our lives, your shop should be on at least one network. That will make it much easier for potential customers to find you and learn more about your shop. Social media accounts also show up in Google search results, so having one can help people find your shop even if they aren’t searching on that network. If you don’t have any social media presence yet, it’s best to start with one network and expand from there. On social media, followers can become customers, so give your shop a chance and start posting today.

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