E2 Quality Module for job shops features accelerated ISO certification program

Job shop software can help shops fast track ISO certification.

E2’s quality module and ISO quality certification for job shops got some props recently in a Modern Machine Shop article about K & E Plastics, a second-generation machine shop in Vermont. ISO 9001:2008 certification is built into the E2 job shop software solution, offering shop owners a cost-saving alternative or supplement to an ISO-certification consultant. Read more here about ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality. 

Working with glass-reinforced and thermoset laminate materials presents some real challenges for many plastics shops. But when it comes to ISO, K & E breezed through the certification process using the E2 Accelerated Quality Certification program, which includes a rapid documentation system (RDS).  RDS covers comprehensive procedures for records, audits, preventative and corrective actions, production process maps and more.

Options for ISO quality certification can also be found at ThomasNet.com, a good source where manufacturers and job shop owners can compare ISO quality certification preparation and training services.

In the Modern Machine Shop article, Derek Korn, senior editor at MMS, highlights some of the challenges inherent to machining parts from laminate thermosets. K & E continues to experiment, for example, with new cutting tool options to avoid delamination and burning. The shop is taking a hard look at ways to reduce the downtime that results from production being interrupted when parts are measured and examined for quality. To read the the article in its entirety, check out The Challenges of Machining Glass-Filled Plastics. 

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