Monitor ApplicationHave you been looking for an easy way to keep your crew on the shop floor informed? Shoptech has come up with a solution that would stop you from having to run down to the floor to deliver news, updates, schedule changes, etc.

The Monitor Application is a standalone program, included with the purchase of all levels of the E2 MFG System. Specifically, this program displays specified information from E2 on a large monitor in a shop environment. The monitors display real-time information and update regularly.

This new feature cycles through multiple screens in order to display all the information employees need on the floor. The Monitor Codes allow for customization throughout your shop, so you can display specific information in different departments.

With the Monitor Application, everyone will know what is going on at all times on the shop floor. Employees will be able to see detailed information of any jobs that currently have someone logged into them, broken down by work center. Information displayed includes who is working, what they’re working on, and related time and quality details. Employees can easily follow along and see where a job is in the production process with the work queue. The work queue breaks down a job into a list of all routing steps scheduled to occur for every open job at the current date and time. All the information needed for the scheduled jobs can be displayed for anyone to see, streamlining communication between departments.

Finally, the Marquee function allows you to display messages that scroll along the bottom of your shop monitors. These messages can include details about upcoming events, like important dates and deadlines, or the current date and time with a personalized message. Enhance your shop’s overall communication with the Monitor application’s real-time updates. View up-to-the-minute job schedules, employees’ attendance, and any other news your team on the shop floor need to know.

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