Virtual Manufacturing Software Training

Knowledge is power, especially in manufacturing. The more knowledge your team has about processes, software, production methods and more, the more value you can offer to your customers. Employee knowledge can also drive efficiency, as a better-trained and more informed team can identify areas for improvement in your processes.

manufacturing software trainingOf course, it’s not always easy to provide high-quality, regular training. That’s especially true if you’re a shop. Everyone has a full plate of responsibilities, so it’s tough to find time for anyone to plan and lead training.

Your production schedule may be another challenge. Time is money in the manufacturing world. The faster you can complete jobs, the quicker you’ll get paid and the stronger your bottom line will be. You may not be comfortable with pulling team members out of production to send them to a manufacturing software training session.

The good news is that you have options available. There are alternative efficient training solutions that boost your team’s knowledge and don’t disrupt your production process. Perhaps one of the best options is virtual training, which allows your team members to receive training from subject matter experts without even leaving your facility.

Want to increase your team’s knowledge base? Below are a few tips on why you should consider virtual training and how you can implement it in your shop.

The Benefits of Virtual Training

Virtual training is usually delivered via a computer or tablet over the internet. Many virtual training sessions are video-based, but they also may have interactive exercises, quizzes, and other materials. Regardless of how your virtual training is delivered, it can offer a number of valuable benefits to your shop:

  • Flexibility. Virtual training gives you the opportunity to work training sessions into your schedule. There could be recorded trainings that employees can view when it’s most convenient to them. They may even be able to participate in trainings from home. You also might take advantage of live webinars and online sessions that are available at multiple times, allowing you and your team to choose the option best fits you.
  • Time efficiency.Obviously virtual training allows you to protect your team’s schedule. However, it also saves time for you and your leadership team. You don’t have to plan the trainings or deliver them. You can rely on the virtual training provider for that so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • Expert instruction. Another benefit of virtual training is that the sessions are often led by specialists who are subject matter experts in their field. For instance, a training session on quality might be led by an individual who is an experienced expert in quality assurance. Software sessions may be led by those who developed the software. You and your team get to learn from the best.
  • Ongoing training. One of the biggest challenges with live, in-person training is that it’s tough to offer on an ongoing basis. You may be able to send a few employees to an offsite training, but you can’t do that every time you hire a new team member. Virtual training gives you the ability to offer ongoing training as you hire new employees or promote existing employees into new roles.

How to Implement Virtual Training in Your Shop

Maybe you’re sold on the idea of virtual training, but aren’t sure how to implement it into your shop. The best place to start is with your vendors, as many may offer trainings related to their products and services. For example, tool and equipment manufacturers may offer trainings related to their machinery.

Your manufacturing shop software provider could be an excellent resource. Here at Shoptech, we offer a broad range of classes, courses, webinars, and training sessions to our maintenance plan customers. If you have our software and a maintenance and support plan, you have access to our entire library of virtual manufacturing software training.

Our training is also available through our very own Shoptech Customer Community, an online community where you can connect with other shop owners and employees to share ideas and best practices. Check out the Shoptech Customer Community today to explore all of the virtual manufacturing software training options available to you and your team.

Ready to talk about Shoptech’s virtual training solutions and how they can benefit your shop? Let’s connect. Contact us today to chat with one of our software and training consultants. We look forward to learning more about your shop’s needs and objectives.

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