Every year, the first Friday of October is MFG Day. MFG Day is a time for shops to show off what they can do, and for curious people to learn more about them. Like with so many other events this year, MFG Day 2020 is going to look a little different. Fortunately, the people behind MFG Day have been working on what that could look like, so your shop has options. Those who participate in MFG Day can make the right choices for their shop and their expected guests.

MFG Day 2020

MFG Day Virtual Events

Most events look different this year, and MFG Day is no exception. The people behind it are recommending manufacturers do virtual events. New to virtual events? They’ve put together a tool kit to help any shop that’s planning on doing an MFG Day event this year. Although there are some drawbacks to hosting a virtual event, there are plenty of benefits as well. One of the biggest benefits is that your event can reach anyone, not just people nearby. If you’re looking to hire people who might not live near your shop, an MFG Day event could be a great way to pique their interest and teach them about your shop.

Virtual events can also be helpful for people who want to go but have a conflict at that time. If you record your event or leave it accessible online, then more people can experience it, even if they couldn’t make it while the event was live. Live events could range from Zoom meetings, Facebook Live videos, or anything else that allows for input as you’re streaming video. That way there’s still an incentive for people to attend your event while it’s happening, but it gives the option to see it later.

Virtual events can also help your shop show off its technology. Too many people still think of manufacturing as “dirty, dark, and dangerous”, but a virtual event is a great way to show that your shop is firmly in the 21st century. There are so many cool machines or innovative technology in shops that the average person likely doesn’t know about. A virtual event lets you show off this technology to your audience. Simply having this event online can show others that your shop embraces new technology.

Manufacturing Focus This Year

In 2020, we’ve learned a lot about supply and demand. There have been countless news stories about manufacturers either ramping up production or changing their shop so they can make needed items, like PPE or hand sanitizer. All of these stories have put a larger focus on manufacturing than there has been in a while. These stories and shortages have also shown the average person just how important manufacturing is to their daily lives.

If your shop has made changes to production or products, that could be something interesting to talk about. We’ve all had to make big changes this year, and if you feel comfortable sharing, it can be another way for people to understand how manufacturing works, and how it impacts their daily lives. Even if your shop didn’t make changes because of the pandemic, COVID-19 still almost certainly impacted your shop. You could share some of the ways your shop has adapted to those changes.

MFG Day’s Roots

MFG Day is rooted in the idea that showing people around your shop will benefit your shop and your community. Even as shops make changes to their MFG Day plans this year, that core concept is still strong. Whether you physically have people in your shop or not, you’re still able to show off your shop and give people a better look at what manufacturing is. You can introduce the next generation of creators to manufacturing and show curious locals, and others, what happens in your shop. Like so many things this year, it may be different, but the heart of the event is still there.

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