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Back in 2008, Odyssey Medical bought E2 from Shoptech and planned on using it to improve their shop. Then, as can happen with good intentions, their plan fell through. The system was not fully implemented and because of that, did not help their shop as much as it could have. In 2013, new owners acquired the shop and they still did not fully implement E2. It wasn’t until Travis Carr, VP of Finance for Odyssey Medical, was asked to use E2 SHOP to cost and value their inventory that they realized they could be using their ERP system for so much more. This small project grew in scope until Odyssey Medical realized they would need help. They needed process improvement consulting.

Shoptech sent out a consulting manager to Odyssey Medical to start the process of using E2 SHOP to best benefit their shop. Odyssey Medical chose the 10 day plan to get the most out of it. It was the best decision Odyssey Medical made with Shoptech. Their consulting manager was dedicated to getting them the best use out of E2 SHOP that he possibly could. He listened to what their shop was and how they operated. Then, taking his extensive knowledge of E2 SHOP, the consulting manager was able to find the best ways for them to use their ERP system to get the result they wanted. Simply drawing up this plan was not enough. Next, they had to carry it through.

Changing habits is always hard. However, the benefits far outweighed the difficulty of changing, so Odyssey Medical worked hard to fully implement E2 SHOP. Their consulting manager checked in with them regularly to make sure they were on track and to help when any bumps in the road appeared. Travis was very impressed with their consultant. As Travis said, “When he spends time with you, you can really tell he’s putting in the thought and effort to give us exactly what we need.” With this thought and effort, their consultant was able to guide them through the project to accomplish what they needed. They were able to complete their initial project, as well as the others that they had discussed with their consulting manager.

However, improvement never stops. As Travis said, “Because we were able to make progress, we were able to identify other things that needed to be improved and worked on.” That drive to succeed and do better is what defines shops that continue to grow and thrive. Odyssey Medical will not be satisfied with standing still and stagnating, and they expect the same out of their ERP system. Now that they’ve successfully completed their process improvement consulting, they have a firm base to start from with E2 SHOP. Travis is confident they can handle their further projects on their own with that foundation under them. Travis looks at finding new projects to complete as a good thing because that means you’re improving. Now, with a fully operational ERP system, they can handle even more difficult projects. It’s a cycle of improvement and Shoptech is honored to be part of it.

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