web-based manufacturing softwareThinking of transitioning from a local, in-house ERP to a web-based manufacturing software solution? That could be a wise decision. Web-based solutions represent the latest evolution in manufacturing and job shop software. With a web-based solution, you get scalable software that is continuously updated with the latest state-of-the-art features and benefits.

How do you know if you should make the jump to a web-based solution? Moreover, how do you determine which web-based solution is right for you?

Below are a few questions to consider as you explore your options. If you can answer these questions, you will be better positioned to make an informed decision.

What pricing structure do you prefer?

Web-based ERP and local, in-house ERP are usually priced in different manners. Most web-based manufacturing software packages are priced on a monthly or annual basis. The amount of your monthly or annual charge often depends on how robust your software package is.

Local, in-house manufacturing software solutions often have a sizable upfront cost. You may pay ongoing fees for support and other services, but the bulk of the charge is paid upfront.

Which pricing structure do you prefer? Web-based ERP will save you a sizable upfront investment. It also may give you cost flexibility, as you may have the option to adjust your software and your pricing as needed.

Are maintenance and technical support included in the web-based monthly cost?

If you already have an on-premise ERP solution, you probably understand the importance of technical support and maintenance. Technology issues happen. When problems arise, you need quick solutions. Readily-available ERP technical assistance can save you and your team countless hours.

Some web-based ERP vendors include maintenance and support in their monthly cost. Others charge an additional fee for support. Review every vendor’s maintenance and support services to determine what is and is not included.

How customizable is web-based manufacturing software?

Flexibility is one of the most appealing aspects of a web-based ERP solution for your machine and job shop. With web-based ERP, you are not locked into one set of features or capabilities. You have the ability to enhance or upgrade your package as your shop’s needs change.

However, some web-based ERP vendors are more flexible than others. Some vendors may offer software that is highly customizable, while others may only offer a few features and benefits that are variable. Before you commit to a particular web-based solution, make sure you understand what you can customize in the future as your needs and goals change.

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