Catapult Your Shop Efficiencies

shop efficiencyFor many industries, clients and consumers are asking for MORE…more products, more options, more versatility and faster turn times. To stay competitive and profitable, manufacturing shops can’t ignore these demands. They must improve shop efficiency. But how do you carve out more time when you’re already maxed out?

One proven answer to that question is to create efficiencies, eliminate waste and reduce costs. Controlling costs is one of the top three answers many shop owners admit to when asked of their biggest challenges. If you don’t have a handle on your numbers and associated inventory, you can’t possibly know where your profit line is nor attempt to understand where improvements and streamlining are needed.

That’s where an ERP system could help catapult your shop efficiencies and provide a wealth of data that could raise your bottom line. Imagine having ONE manufacturing software system for entering orders, controlling inventory, calculating costs and delivery times, accessing quality control data points, managing both internal and external resources… the list goes on. An increase in the overall level of production with a decrease in delivery time and costs would certainly put any company on a competitive track!

With an ROI of a couple of months (or for some, a couple of weeks!), you’re probably one of many who can’t afford to wait any longer on an ERP purchase.

And if you travel for your company but need to keep a watchful eye on the business, the right manufacturing software solution can give you real time access to what’s going on at any given time on the shop floor.

Case Study

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