With an aging workforce and health care costs continuing to rise, it’s no wonder why many industries are looking for proven ways to save on employee health benefits. Since healthy employees cost you less, increase shop productivity, and statistically stay with their current employer longer, why not consider a wellness plan?

shop productivity employee wellness planA company wellness plan is a formal system in which your employees earn rewards for living a healthy lifestyle. No longer just for large companies, wellness plans are making an impact in small businesses and shops across the US. They are flexible, adaptable and can be created to fit just about any budget.

Having a successful wellness plan is a big benefit to your employees as well as to your health care costs. Many employers attribute wellness of their employees to a higher shop productivity and better performance.

Take a look at some things to consider and quick tips to get you started:

Talk about (and sell!) the program to your employees

  • Participation is key to a successful wellness plan so b¬e sure you’re actually selling it to your employees. You want to be getting something for your plan administration payment so talk it up, sell it and get people moving!
  • Find out what kinds of rewards your employees would want. What would motivate them? Compensation? Longer lunches? More vacation time? Getting their interests means getting them onboard.
  • Let them know that you can cater the plan to meet almost any type of activity. Going to the gym, walking at lunch, participating in group weight loss challenge, let them choose the activities they are most interested in.
  • Getting collaboration from your employees is the key to their participation and encourages the healthy lifestyle that help drive down your health care costs.

Hire a third-party manager

  • Dealing with health care insurance and policy practices are the last thing you want to add to your daily tasks. There are firms that specialize in small business wellness plans and can help you pick activities and rewards that will maximize your health insurance savings and discounts.
  • The most important duty of a third-party firm is employee privacy. Employees wouldn’t want their boss knowing the results of their last physical. A third-party manager keeps sensitive health info private so employees can participate with no concerns.

Tracking the shop productivity difference and ROI of the plan

  • Ultimately, the wellness plan needs to make dollars. Your third-party manager and your health insurance company will work together to show you progress and savings.
  • Not only should you see a decrease in your health care costs, these plans have also shown to increase employee efficiency and productivity as well. A system like E2 will help you collect the data to see these changes in productivity in real time which can help you measure your wellness plan’s ROI.

A wellness plan could help your company discover increased shop productivity and healthier employees. Track those improvements and efficiencies with E2 shop software and see the financial benefits in your bottom line. Fit employees and a heathier profit make for a stronger, happier company.

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