At Shoptech, we developed the E2 Shop System because we are familiar with the challenges that shop owners face. Our founders grew up in a shop, learning firsthand about the tools needed to efficiently manage a job shop. Working together to solve problems on the shop floor is the foundation of the Shoptech Community.

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The E2 manufacturing software has helped thousands of shop owners overcome their biggest challenges, simplify their processes, cut wastes, and boost profits. Every day we hear from shop owners and managers about how the E2 Shop System has dramatically improved their shop’s bottom line.

We also frequently receive enhancement requests from E2 users about things they would like to see added to the product. We pride ourselves in being responsive to these requests and implementing them so we are continually improving the manufacturing software.

Shoptech Software understands the value of sharing your shop experience with other users.

Our goal is to give our Customers a place to post ideas and share their experiences with other shops to be more successful. Sometimes, the best way to do that is by connecting with other shop users so everyone can learn from others’ best practices and their mistakes.

That’s why we created the Shoptech Community which is now available to all E2 users on the Full Maintenance service agreement plan. The Shoptech Community is an online hub for users to connect and exchange their best ideas and strategies. It’s also a direct path to the best in Shoptech Software support and training so you, the Customer, can maximize all the amazing benefits of the E2 manufacturing software.

About Shoptech Community

Shoptech Community is home to thousands of E2 users, from machine shops to fab shops and more. No matter your challenge or concern, you’re likely to find information among the wealth of content available in Shoptech Community.

Some of Shoptech Community’s features include:

  • Community message boards

    Connect with thousands of users, from owners to floor employees to the Quality Specialist. Post a question, comment on existing conversations, or simply follow along without commenting directly. The boards have a robust search function that allows you to find the topics that are most relevant to you.

  • Shoptech Support

    Shoptech already offers one of the highest-rated support systems in the industry. Shoptech Community gives you direct access to that superior level of support.

    Via the community, you can access help documents, training modules, virtual training classes, and live implementation assistance. You can quickly search all support content to find the answers you need as fast as possible.

    Can’t find the support you need in the community content? Use the “Create-A-Case” button to open up a support request. One of our knowledgeable and experienced support reps will reach out to you in minutes. Online, over the phone, or in person, we’re here to help you reach the next level of success.

  • Enhancement suggestions

    We’re always looking to improve the E2 platform. The manufacturing world is changing rapidly. To keep up with those changes, you have to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We’re committed to constantly improving E2 so it remains the industry leader.

    In the Shoptech Community, you can suggest and request software enhancements. Those suggestions go straight to our product development team so we can quickly review them for potential implementation. In some cases, we’ve rolled out enhancements in the very next update after the change was requested in the community.

E2 isn’t just software. It’s a powerful tool to help you take control of your shop and stay competitive in an increasingly challenging environment. Shoptech Community is the next step in that commitment. If you haven’t checked out the community, do so today. You might find the solution to your biggest shop management challenges.

Take a look at what one E2 Customer has to say about the Shoptech Community:

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