Hartford, CT, January 19, 2018–We work toward providing the best customer experience possible, and we were right on track for 2017. We are pleased to announce that Shoptech was named a Market Leader by Featured Customers in their Winter 2017 Customer Success Report in the Manufacturing ERP category. We were awarded that category because of our high number of published success stories, followers on social media, and positive reviews of our company. We would like to thank our customers for their positive responses, and we will continue to provide the best customer service we can.

Market Leader is the highest category of the Winter 2017 Customer Success Report. The report is based on more than 1,900 pieces of content from customer references, and there were 27 vendors in the Manufacturing ERP Software category. For our part, we will continue to provide the best products and service possible, and we hope to be overwhelmed with success stories from our customers again this year.

About Shoptech Software

Established in 1984, Shoptech Software is a leading provider of shop management software for job shops and make to order manufacturers. Shoptech is headquartered at 180 Glastonbury Blvd, Glastonbury, CT 06033 and the main phone is (860) 633-0740. Shoptech has regional offices in Cincinnati, Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas. Additional information regarding Shoptech’s products and services is available on-line at www.shoptech.com. Paul Ventura can be reached @ 1-800-525-2143 or [email protected].