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There is no doubt that an ERP system can do great things for a shop. Using this technology can save shops time and effort and let them run far more efficiently. However, in order for an ERP system to live up to its reputation, it has to be backed by an excellent vendor. Shoptech has worked hard to stand out from the crowd by solving customer problems quickly, hosting software on the cloud to deliver the best performance, offering a quick but thorough implementation, and providing customers with exactly what they need.

Solving Customer Problems Quickly

Shoptech knows how important it is for their customers to keep their shops running. Shoptech was started by two brothers who worked in a job shop, after all. Because of that background, Shoptech understands how important their time is and works hard to resolve any customer problems as quickly as possible. To make sure this is feasible, 61% of all Shoptech employees are in either support or development roles. All of the employees in support are what make Shoptech able to resolve 88.7% of support calls in less than one hour. The employees in development are there to provide custom solutions when needed. Shoptech wants to make sure that all of its customers are taken care of, even if they need a solution beyond what support can deliver alone. As part of keeping their customers running, Shoptech has partnered with the best to host their cloud-based software.

Delivering the Best Performance with the Cloud

Shoptech selected the best company to partner with for their cloud hosting needs because they knew that choice would be critical for their customers. Shoptech has seen nothing but great things from the Google Cloud Platform. With this partnership, Shoptech is able to boast a 99.978% uptime guarantee, ensuring that Shoptech’s cloud-based software is reliable. Google Cloud Platform is also monitored 24/7/365, which means that it is constantly checked for any kind of threat and kept absolutely secure. Beyond the guarantees that the cloud will be secure and dependable, it also allows Shoptech to provide additional benefits. For customers that use the cloud-based software, Shoptech will back up every second of activity for a rolling two weeks. This constant back-up ensures that a shop will always be able to restore their database to just before any problem occurred. To keep these problems from happening in the first place, Shoptech offers implementation assistance.

Offering Quick but Thorough Implementation

Just as it’s important to keep software running, Shoptech knows it’s important to get software set up correctly in the first place. Shoptech’s average implementation timeline across all products is just 69 days. Shoptech’s dedicated implementation specialists work with each shop to get them up and running on E2 as quickly as possible. Every new customer will have an implementation specialist assigned to them, who is committed to helping them get the most out of their software. The software was built to be easy to understand and the implementation specialists fill in any gaps. All of Shoptech’s implementation specialists are determined to make sure that each shop knows how best to use their software, to meet their specific needs.

Providing Each Customer What They Need

Shoptech structured their software to make sure customers can buy the modules they need without having to buy others they don’t. To make that possible, Shoptech created three different levels of SHOP software: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This way, shops that need the core modules only have to pay for those, while shops that need everything are still able to get it all. Shoptech’s customers range from smaller shops with simpler needs to large shops with more complex needs, and Shoptech built E2 to work for all of them. In the spirit of making the software exactly what it needs to be, Shoptech also allows for all kinds of reports. Shoptech offers over 250 reports, ensuring that whatever kind of report a shop needs; they’ll be able to create it. Shoptech wants to make it easy for their ERP software to do exactly what each shop needs it to do.


While there are many options for ERP software, Shoptech truly stands out from the crowd. Shoptech is focused on solving customer problems quickly, hosting software on the cloud to deliver the best performance, offering a quick but thorough implementation, and providing customers with exactly what they need. All of this attention to detail throughout the entire customer experience makes for a great product.


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