Rehtek Machine Company, one of E2’s customers, was recently featured in the ‘Better Production’ section of Modern Machine Shop, one of the top metalworking publications. The article largely spotlights how the company used software to speed job shop ISO certification. We thought we’d toot his horn some – and ours too in the process – and share with you some snippets from the piece edited by Emily Probst, associate editor of Modern Machine speeds up job shop ISO certification

Check out some excerpts from the article:

[Rehtek Machine Company is a] 12-person job shop located in Passaic, N.J., supplies the aerospace, electronics and medical industries, and more than half of the business is dedicated to precisely machining small components for pressure sensors that control and monitor fluids and gasses.

…the shop was particularly attracted to the ISO quality module’s rapid documentation system (RDS) within Shoptech’s E2 software. This component automatically produces quality management system documentation, saving employees time and minimizing errors. For instance, in less than 10 seconds, employees can access any ISO quality record on the screen.

ISO certification is important to job shops…the greatest benefit of E2’s ISO quality module is that it streamlines documentation. From estimates to invoicing, E2 brought all of Rehtek’s accounting functions into one module for an integrated management tool.

…ISO 9001 certificates of compliance are automatically generated in shipments, segmenting out multiple shipping addresses, partial shipments and back orders.

…By using E2’s quality module, Rehtek also has greatly improved its communication with customers. For instance, external documents such as blueprints, specs, material certifications and pictures, can be easily attached at any point during the process to keep communication with the customer current and organized. Using E2 Webview, customers can view information such as quotes, tracking production, scheduling and more. This enables them to monitor job status directly over the internet.


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