Over the years, ERP software has been changing to help fit its users’ needs. Most recently, those needs have made software that is safe, accessible, and smart. Imagine being able to hold all of the information you need to run your shop in the palm of your hand, and access it from anywhere. What if you never had to think about backing up your data, or about keeping it secure. Imagine your shop going paperless. All of these things can become a reality.


Apps are a great way for employees on the floor to access the shop’s ERP system without having to buy everyone a computer. Some apps are best on an employee’s smartphone, while others work just as well on a tablet. Each app has one area of focus, which makes it easy for employees to only download the ones they need. E2 SHOP has several apps that give employees the access they need to E2 SHOP without having to find a computer on the shop floor.


The QuickView app in E2 gives employees a way to look at all the information they need without having to have a seat license. This app is perfect for shop floor employees who need to be able to see things like job travelers, part details and their history, customers, and more, but don’t use any of the deeper functions of the ERP software. This app is available for tablet or mobile phone and lets employees keep it simple, so they can get back to work with the information they need.

Images and Docs

The Images and Docs app allows employees to add and view images of parts in E2 SHOP. Sometimes, it’s easier to see what a finished part is supposed to look like instead of just having a description. You can also add pictures of employees for badge creation, or upload images of employee signatures so they can quickly and easily sign documents digitally from their smartphone or tablet. Going paperless just got easier!


The Inventory app allows employees to get your shop’s inventory up-to-date without having to run between the inventory storage and a computer. Instead, they can stay with the inventory and update the ERP system from their smartphone or tablet. The app also has multi-level filters to make finding a part a snap, no matter how many items you have.

Employee Data Collection

The Employee Data Collection app is great for making it easy for employees to clock in and out from their smartphones. Because it’s meant for an employee’s smartphone, it’s designed for one employee’s use. The app is geofenced, for your peace of mind, and quick to use for your employees’ ease. Employees can also log in and out of jobs from this app, meaning you can see in real time who is working on what job.

Data Collection

The Data Collection app is meant for tablets and allows employees to track job information in real time. Because it’s designed for a tablet, any employee can use it to clock in or out, or to log in or out of jobs. With this app, your shop’s data will be accurate and easy to read.


The Dashboards app allows employees to see any graphs or tables they might need while away from their desks. All information is automatically synced with E2 SHOP, so it’s up to date and easy to see financial information whenever and wherever it’s needed, on a tablet or smartphone.

Shops Going Paperless

The future of manufacturing is going paperless, and a lot of that will be powered by apps for smartphones and tablets. No more will people lose important papers like job travelers. And those same job travelers will always be legible. There won’t be any grease stains or dirt on digital job travelers, unlike what can happen to paper job travelers. In the same vein, employees won’t have to write down anything, like the time they clocked in and out. Going paperless means there won’t be any more errors in reading what they wrote, or in data entry.

More importantly, when employees are looking at digital versions of the pages they need, the information will always be up to date and correct. If for some reason, the job traveler has to change, all employees would see the change right away and be able to act on it. If the schedule in the shop needed to change because of a rush order, the folks on the floor would know immediately, and they’d be able to work on the correct jobs.

The Cloud

Going paperless with ERP

The cloud is what keeps ERP software of the future safe and accessible. Part of having your ERP software on the cloud means that it’s automatically backed up in multiple locations. No matter what happens to your shop, your data is safe. Your data is also protected. Companies that run cloud storage are able to buy the best security software. Then their customers only have to pay for part of that software. That means shops can have top of the line security without paying top of the line prices. In addition, E2 ERP software automatically updates when it’s on the cloud. Some of these updates improve the security of the program. So by having it updated automatically, your shop is always running the newest and safest version of your ERP software.

The cloud also makes your software more accessible. You don’t have to be in the shop to access your ERP software. You can be anywhere with an internet connection and log in. That means you can work from home, check-in on the shop on vacation, or log into the software on the shop floor, instead of only using the computer at your desk. For some tasks, like inventory, it’s much easier to do them when you can bring the ERP software to the shop floor instead of having to run between the shop floor and the office. You may not realize how you’re chained to your desk until you get software that sets you free.

Tying Everything Together

Putting all of your shop’s data in one place makes a lot of tasks easier. There’s no more double entry or incorrect data entry. It’s just the correct information everywhere you need it to be. For example, when your shop begins a work order, with ERP software, you can automatically add the needed materials to a purchase order. Your reports can see which jobs make you the most profit because they can access all of the necessary information. Being able to easily access all of this information makes it easier for you to make decisions about how to run your shop.

When you know what kinds of jobs make your shop the most profit, you can target customers who need that kind of work done. When you know how long a certain kind of job will take to complete and how much it will cost you, you can give accurate estimates for both due date and price. You can also drill down into information in reports and see exactly what happened when something changed. For example, did one job cost you more than usual because one of your employees needs more training? With everything in an ERP system, you can see that and get that employee trained so they don’t make as much scrap on the next job.

The future of ERP software is here now. Your shop can have ERP software that is safe, accessible, and smart. You can see everything you need to run your shop, and to decide what changes to make in the future. You can access your ERP software from anywhere, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time at the shop. Apps that work with your software make going paperless a breeze. ERP software makes it easier to run your shop well and to live your life outside of the shop. The future will bring even more advances, but even now, ERP software can make your shop more efficient, improve your shop’s bottom line, and give you a better work-life balance.

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