Cloud-based ERP

Are you in the market for new ERP for your shop? The ERP world has evolved rapidly in recent years. There was a time when on-premise ERP software was the only option available. On-premise ERP is software that is installed and hosted in your facility, usually on a local server.

Many ERP vendors have recently introduced cloud-based software. It is installed and hosted on the cloud, or a remote server. You access your software through an internet connection. While on-premise ERP is still the dominant type of software, cloud-based solutions are gaining in popularity.

Cloud-based solutions are also bringing dramatic change to the ERP market. On-premise vendors are being forced to adjust their software to compete with cloud-based solutions. That’s good for you because it means both cloud-based and on-premise solutions now offer features that weren’t available as recently as a few years ago.

Below are some of the exciting new features and benefits you will likely find in your ERP search:



One of the great advantages of cloud-based ERP is that you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. That means anyone on your team can access the software as long as they have a device with an internet connection. Computers, laptops, tablets, and possibly even cell phones can become ERP workstations. You can even access the software from home or a customer’s office during an in-person visit.

On-premise ERP software has traditionally only been accessible from a shop computer. Moreover, the software usually needs to be installed on that particular computer. Some on-premise vendors are taking steps to improve accessibility though. You might find on-premise solutions that now have limited remote access features to better compete with cloud-based systems.


One of the challenges with on-premise ERP is that it usually can’t be updated quickly. Traditionally, if you have wanted to take advantage of the newest software features, you would need to install new software, either by purchasing an upgrade or moving to a new system. That can be time- and capital-intensive.

Cloud-based ERP allows you to scale your software along with your shop’s growth. If you want new features and benefits, you simply change your subscription package. The new features show up in your software almost immediately. On-premise vendors have added free and low-cost upgrades into some of their systems, but on-premise still doesn’t have the flexibility of cloud-based solutions.

Support and Maintenance

Finally, cloud-based ERP has revolutionized the service and maintenance aspect of ERP software. With most cloud-based programs, some level of support and maintenance is included in your annual fee. You automatically get updates, security enhancements, and even on-call support.

That is not usually the case with on-premise ERP. In many instances, support comes with an additional fee. If you have a problem with your software, it may be up to you to find the solution. That can be problematic when your shop depends on your software to run efficiently.

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