E2 MFG Online

Times are changing and so is software. The shift from on-premise systems to flexible, hosted solutions is the direction that the software industry is moving.

Shoptech, home of the E2 Shop and E2 Manufacturing Systems, is keeping up with these changes. Managing your business can be easy with E2 MFG Online. Shoptech has partnered with Virtual Office Systems (VOSTM) to offer a hosted solution for the MFG System. VOSTM has worked with businesses for over ten years providing IT and personal cloud environments. Now you can enjoy increased speed and security with access anywhere on E2 MFG Online.

The main reason people are moving their business to the Cloud is the flexibility it offers. With E2 MFG Online, as long as you have an internet connection you can access the software and run your shop from anywhere. No need to stress about the security of your data anymore. The new E2 MFG Online option offers implementation with a safer and more secure approach to data storage and configuration.

Above all, save instantly on costs and time by switching to the Cloud. The Cloud offers low overhead, there is no need to purchase a new server or take the time to hire an IT specialist. E2 MFG Online is the solution to your shop’s hang-ups. Stay up-to-date on technology’s latest trends and make the transition to the Cloud from your locally-installed software today.

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