shop partnerThere are many things you can try to make your shop succeed. However, your shop can’t succeed if your employees have to wrestle with outdated software. The software’s purpose is to assist your shop. If used effectively, it will become like a partner to your shop and help it grow. E2 has been this partner for many shops. E2 has helped these shops access information, stay organized, and integrate with QuickBooks.

Accessing Information

Eagle Grinding and Plating uses E2 to allow everyone in the shop to see the information they need. They’ve seen how important it is to have this information easily accessible. As Dan Rozwadowski, President, said, “I had a guy call me up just yesterday stating that he knew our company had done work for them 4 years ago, but he had no information of what it was or exactly when it was. All he had was my name and the company name.” Fortunately, with the help of E2, Dan was able to look up the customer’s information and find out what Eagle Grinding and Plating had done for them. Using E2 ensures that Eagle Grinding and Plating won’t have issues finding any information for customers, no matter who’s working that day.

Staying Organized

Solid Industries uses E2 to keep their shop organized. As their shop grew, they realized they needed to tighten up their processes and use software to be able to find any necessary data. As Maria Hunter, Assistant Manager, said “Before, it was nearly impossible to find information. We would have to sort through physical forms, emails, and spreadsheets and even after all that, you still might not find what you’re looking for. With E2, you can find basically anything within a few clicks. You can search by part, customer, invoice, basically anything. It’s made our jobs so much easier.” After they bought E2 and began using it, Solid Industries also earned their ISO certification. Maria said they would never have been able to meet ISO’s strict quality standards without E2. Now that they have E2, they can find whatever they need and know exactly where to look.

Integrate with QuickBooks

Harvestco Fabricators loves that they can manage their shop with an ERP system that integrates with QuickBooks. Before they started using E2, Harvestco Fabricators tried to use QuickBooks to track their inventory as well as their accounting, but QuickBooks wasn’t made to do all of that. As Kyle Peckham Office/Inventory Manager, said, “We really like QuickBooks for accounting, so we didn’t want to stop using it. But QuickBooks couldn’t do exactly what we wanted when it came to inventory management. We were looking for something that would integrate easily with the QuickBooks platform and allow us to track our inventory in real-time.” When they came across E2, they knew it would be a great fit. By using E2, Harvestco Fabricators was able to keep using QuickBooks for their accounting and gain a real-time window into their inventory that was invaluable.

When you’re looking for ERP software, you need something that will work with your shop to make it even better. These shops used E2 to meet their goals of accessing information, staying organized, and integrating with QuickBooks. Their ERP software wasn’t just a piece of software, but a partner they could employ to grow their shop. What can E2 do for your shop?

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