writing blog postsAs we welcome 2020, we also take one last look back at 2019. Below are our top 10 blog posts from last year. It looks like many people wanted to make their shops more efficient, figure out scheduling, and improve their shop overall. Then again, who wouldn’t? Let’s get started with the tenth most popular blog post we had in 2019.

  1. 3 tips for scheduling job shops efficiently

Everyone wants to run their shop more efficiently, and this blog post covers three different areas in a shop that can make a big difference. What’s even better is that this good advice is in a short format. For this blog post and our next one, three tips seem to be just the right number.

  1. 3 Management tips to make your job shop more efficient

Sometimes the way to be more efficient is by managing your people better. In this blog post, managers can read three effective ways to help their employees work smarter and get more done in less time.

  1. The art and science of manufacturing scheduling software

Scheduling jobs in a shop is both an art and a science, which means that there’s a balance to doing it well. This blog post looks at how using lean and scheduling software can help a job shop improve their scheduling.

  1. The Difference Between an MRP System and an ERP System

If you’re looking for software for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming wading through all of the acronyms. This blog post looks at the differences between MRP systems and ERP systems. In summary, ERP software evolved out of MRP software, and the best bet for your shop is probably software that will grow with you.

  1. Machine shop software enables employees to track production

You could make a beautiful schedule for your shop, but that doesn’t help you if your estimated times are wrong. This blog post looks at how being able to see progress on the shop floor in real-time can help your shop function more smoothly and give your employees goals for improvement.

  1. 5 Mistakes your machine shop makes every day

For some shop owners, you feel like your shop is rolling along, but that it could be doing better. This blog post takes a look at five common mistakes that machines shops make and how to fix them. The tips range from money issues to customer service issues to what you use to run your shop.

  1. 6 big reasons why software for small job shops makes sense

It doesn’t matter what size your shop is, software can help your shop run better. This blog post looks at how, exactly, ERP software can help a small shop. One of the points made in this post is that ERP software might not be as complicated as you think.

  1. Job shop marketing in 5 easy steps

Marketing is hard to do. If you run a small shop, then you are in charge of marketing, along with everything else. This blog post lays out 5 steps to help a shop start marketing themselves. And, as promised in the title, the steps are all relatively easy and not necessarily expensive.

  1. Why you need job shop scheduling software for your shop

Many shop owners will admit that scheduling software would help their shop, but they might not be convinced it’s worth it. This article looks at why shops truly do need scheduling software. Here’s a quick overview of how scheduling software works, and a look at how it could help your shop.

  1. E2 and QuickBooks: A Match Made in Manufacturing Heaven

One of the most popular aspects of our software is that we integrate with QuickBooks. So it’s no surprise that our most popular blog post from 2019 is about how E2 and QuickBooks work together to improve shops. If your shop already has QuickBooks, you might have noticed it wasn’t made to run a shop, but the accounting is great. This blog post looks at what your shop can expect from putting QuickBooks and E2 together and how closely the two are integrated.

It was great to help people learn more about how to make their shops efficient, how to manage scheduling, and how to improve their shops in 2019. Even if you’ve already read some of these blog posts before, they might be worth a re-read. We hope to help even more people and shops in 2020.

What blog posts did you like best from 2019? Let us know!

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