looking for a new erp systemERP systems are meant to make running your shop easier. However, if you get the wrong ERP system, it can make running your shop a nightmare. Screwmatics, QT Magnetic Solutions, and Prototype Casting all had the wrong ERP systems for their shops. They switched to E2, which has proven to be the right ERP system for their shops, and it’s made running their shops so much easier. Read their stories below.


Screwmatics knew they needed a new ERP system, and they needed it soon. The one they had wasn’t doing what they needed it to do. It couldn’t run reports, they couldn’t see their data, and they couldn’t track important data in their shop. Instead of helping their shop, their ERP system was making it harder to work. Billy Hogge, Vice President and Operations Manager, knew they needed to get a new ERP system. They chose E2 and they couldn’t be happier.

Now that they use E2, it’s become much easier to run their shop. They can find everything they need to make decisions, which has been huge. Instead of having to base their decisions for the shop on guesses, they’re able to use data to back them up. They’ve also found that now that they have a paper trail of things like quotes, order acknowledgements, and shipment notifications. They look more professional and their customers have noticed. In addition to all of this, they opted to get E2 on the cloud, which means they can log into the system from anywhere with an internet connection. This is a great help to Hogge when he’s on the road. All in all, they love their new system and the improvements to running their shop.

QT Magnetic Solutions

QT Magnetic Solutions wasn’t able to run their shop as smoothly as they’d hoped. Their ERP system didn’t give them enough accounting options, so their accounting didn’t have the functionality they needed. Overall, their old ERP system didn’t fit their shop and it was difficult to try to get it to do what they wanted. Dana Zichterman, who does bookkeeping and in-house accounting, knew the shop needed to get a new ERP system so she could do her job.

QT Magnetic Solutions discovered E2 at a conference and it didn’t take much more research to realize this was the system they needed. Zichterman has been able to do much more with E2 Accounting, including backdating reports when necessary. It’s gotten so much easier to do her job. The shop floor has also improved. Using E2’s quality software has improved the shop’s quality. E2 provides all the paperwork needed and makes it simple for QT Magnetic Solutions to customize it to their shop.

Inventory has also become much easier. They use the inventory app, which means that they aren’t chained to a desk when they want to look at their inventory. Instead, they can stand in their inventory room and use the app to check or change inventory. E2 solved the problems of the old software and has been a great fit for their shop.

Prototype Casting

Prototype Casting was having trouble with their ERP system. Having to fight with the system meant that it was hard to see everything that was going on in their shop, including seeing profits from jobs each day. Because they couldn’t see job costs and profits easily, it was hard to measure their shop’s performance. They knew something had to change, so they started looking for a new ERP system.

When they found E2, Prototype Casting knew they’d found the right system for them. Once they had E2 installed, they didn’t need to use manual processes anymore, which improved everything in the shop. Chelsea Disney, the office manager, loves using E2. Disney handles the shop’s invoicing, payroll, AR, and AP using QuickBooks. E2 integrates with QuickBooks, which makes it easy for Disney to see everything she needs and use the best program for their shop’s accounting. Costs and profits on each job are easy to find, and cash flow is clear to see.

Disney has noticed that even outside of accounting, it’s easy to run the reports they need for their shop. The quality software has helped the shop floor tremendously. E2 helps them save time, make sure every step gets done on time, and that everything is done correctly. These changes have also helped their profit per job rise. Overall, E2 has helped their shop become better and raised their bottom line.


For these shops, their old ERP systems made running their shops harder. Changing to E2 made everything easier. They didn’t have to fight with their ERP systems to get things done, and the features that they’d paid for actually helped their shops. For all of them, changing to E2 made their shops better. What could it do for yours?

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