software to improve your quality processesYou want every job that your shop ships out to be the best. However, that can be difficult unless your shop has quality software. Quality software makes it much easier to ensure that all pieces fit your shop’s standards, and track anything related to that goal. For these four shops, E2’s quality software was exactly what they needed to improve their quality and their shops.

QT Magnetic Solutions

After QT Magnetic Solutions started using E2, they wanted to improve the quality in their shop. When they looked at how to make this happen, they found that E2 makes quality control easy, even providing the necessary paperwork. Once they started using the quality software, QT Magnetic Solutions found that it streamlined their paperwork. It made the data about quality a snap to track, and it helped the rest of the shop become more organized as well. As Dana Zichterman in accounting said, “I think the big thing for us with E2 is using it to maintain our quality and have effective communication with our customers because that’s a huge thing for any company.” Improving their quality has helped them improve the rest of their shop and make their customers happy.

Prototype Casting

Prototype Casting wanted to make their shop better, especially their quality. They knew they could improve their quality, but they were happy to see the related changes once they started using E2’s quality software. Now they save time while ensuring that no steps are missed on their jobs, and they’re confident that everything in their production process is done correctly. It’s led to an overall improvement in the shop. As Chelsea Disney, the office manager, shared, “Everything is incredibly organized now.” It’s much easier for them to find what they’re looking for and get jobs done quickly. Prototype Casting loves how this quality software has helped their shop, even beyond what they expected.

PF Technologies

PF Technologies is used to meeting strict guidelines. Before they started using E2’s quality software, they already needed to meet the requirements of the FAA and the medical industry. They knew their customers would appreciate it if they were also ISO certified, but getting there was proving more difficult than they’d thought. PF Technologies saw that E2 offered ISO support, and they decided to go for it. Now they’re very glad they did. With the paperwork provided by E2, customized to fit PF Technologies, they were able to get ISO certified. “When we saw what the E2 Quality package could give us, it was a simple decision to add that to our system,” Bill Rice, the general manager, shared. That simple decision has made a huge difference in their shop.

Rehtek Machine

Rehtek Machine makes micro-components, so they have no margin for error. Quality is critical for their business, not only in their parts but also in their shop operations. They wanted to get ISO certified since quality is so important to them. However, that process was a challenge with their old ERP system. So, they started looking at different systems, and they found E2. Rehtek chose E2 because it has ISO documentation built into its quality software. Once they purchased E2, the shop earned its ISO certification. They love E2, and they’ve been using it throughout their entire shop. “I use E2 every day. It lets me see where everything is in our process, where we’re succeeding, and where we need to improve. We couldn’t run without it,” said Stephen Reh, founder of Rehtek Machine. Their focus on quality made E2 a perfect fit.

These four shops have all improved by using E2’s quality software, and it’s had a bigger impact than just their shop’s quality. Whether it’s helped them get ISO certified, make their customers happier, or streamline their entire shop, having quality software has done more than just improve their quality. For these shops, E2 has made their shops better, and the improvement in quality was just the beginning.

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