ISO Certified ShopYou probably already know how getting ISO certified can help your shop. Potential customers like to see that your shop is meticulous enough to have earned this certification, and in some cases, they require it before giving your shop work. So, it’s understandable that shop owners would like to have this certification. However, shop employees may also want their shop to become ISO certified because it helps them as well.


As part of getting ISO certified, a shop has to document their processes for producing items. So, folks on the floor know they are following the most efficient method of completing a job. They don’t have to worry about conflicting instructions for the “best way” to do something because it’s all laid out in the ISO documentation. Having one set of clear, accurate instructions makes sure everyone is as efficient as they can be. The more pieces an employee can complete in their shift, with good quality, the better off they and the shop are.

Less Rework

Another benefit of following ISO instructions and quality benchmarks is that employees know what they are aiming for. With clear instructions about what makes a piece good, employees can catch problems early in the process. Catching a mistake earlier makes it easier to fix it, or scrap the part if need be, without having to put in the time and effort to try to make a complete part out of something that doesn’t meet the shop’s quality standards. This helps employees avoid spending time on rework and they’ll have more time to finish jobs.

Solve Problems

Having the steps laid out for completing a job can be a great help to the folks on the floor. For example, if something goes wrong with the job they’re doing, they can point to the guidelines they were following, and together the employee and manager can figure out what went wrong. It’s easier to solve problems this way because managers know exactly what employees were doing when working on any job. Then managers can start figuring out what went wrong with the instructions instead of grilling the employee on what they were doing.


Getting ISO certified is great for customer confidence in a shop, but it’s also great for shop floor employees. After completing this certification, it’s easier for your team on the floor to be more efficient, have less rework, and solve problems more easily. The other benefit of earning this certification is that it makes it easier for a shop to get more jobs finished in less time, which means the shop will make more money. That benefits everyone.

Want to get your shop ISO certified?

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