quality software
When you don’t have too many jobs, it’s easy to keep an eye on the quality of your products, but when you start getting more jobs, it becomes more difficult. You need to make sure that everything that leaves your shop meets your standards, but without some sort of quality tracking software, this can be nearly impossible. However, if you have an ERP system, you can usually get a quality module as well. With quality software, you make it easier to get your shop certified, improve your processes, and have happy customers.

Get Certified

Have you ever lost a job because your shop didn’t have the right certification? Some customers need the reassurance that a certification gives. Getting and keeping quality certifications ensures your shop uses the best procedure for everything. Some ERP systems will help you get these certifications and maintain them. For example, The E2 Shop System has everything you need to get ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, or AS9100 certifications. E2 has a module that will help your shop generate the paperwork it needs to meet these standards and track everything necessary. With any of these certifications, you can keep your shop and your customers happy.

Improve Processes

Even if your shop doesn’t need a specific certification, a quality module can still help your shop improve. If a piece has a quality problem at the beginning of the process and it makes it all the way to then end before it’s scrapped of fixed, that’s a lot of wasted time and money. However, with a quality module, catching these problems early becomes much easier. The piece can either be reworked or scrapped early in the process. By putting an emphasis on quality throughout the process, your shop can lower scrap rates and finish jobs more quickly. Both things improve your bottom line and lower your late job percentage.

Happy Customers

As you know, customers want their jobs correctly, quickly, and inexpensively. It’s not always possible to meet all three of these goals, but with a quality module, your shop can more easily get jobs done correctly and quickly. You can be sure that any job that gets shipped is done to your shop’s specifications and that your customers are happy with it. This means you can slash your rework percentage and improve your shop’s reputation. These improvements go far in getting your shop more customers, and all it takes is a quality module.

Quality software helps your shop get certified, improve processes, and have happy customers. All of these things help your shop’s bottom line and your reputation. If you want your shop to grow and improve, these are all important pieces to make that happen. With a quality module, you can be sure that everything that leaves your shop is your best work. Curious about the E2 Quality Module?

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