Shops of all sizes and types have turned to the E2 Shop System to take their business to the next level. Since every shop is unique, it is very important to Shoptech that your business is a good fit for our software. Click below to see just some of the shop types using the E2 Shop System.

Regardless of your type of shop, all assembly shops face the same challenges including competitive bidding and managing tight profit margins. E2 Shop software provides the tools to manage any challenges.

Captive shops, whether they’re machine shops, fab shops, tool shops, etc., can benefit from a total solution that integrates all the job shop functions and makes it easy to manage your business.

Shoptech’s ERP software is the right solution to handle the growing complexities of printed circuit boards (PCBs), while job costing and job tracking will keep production expenses low.

Fabrication shops need to stay flexible, so your shop’s software needs to be able to handle changes. Some fab shops may build one thing over a two-week period, while other shops do high-production runs.

Before starting the foam fabricating process, fabricators must consider several factors to create the right product for their customer. Use an ERP system to adjust to changing customer needs.

Gear manufacturers can achieve a high rate of production while still meeting national quality standards on gearing. E2 will help you get total control of your shop, so you can fill any order that comes in.

In a job shop, different materials and processes pose unique challenges. At Shoptech we’re different too. We know the ins and outs of integrating systems within your business.

Machine builders are concerned about job costing and seeing the status on a project. E2 handles job costing, so you can see how each sub-assembly is doing, both from a costing perspective and scheduling aspect.

The only constant in a machine shop is change. The E2 Shop System can help you manage that constant change and your shop more effectively.

Estimating a mold/die is not an exact science, so your estimator must have access to past quotes and job histories. The E2 Shop System makes this critical step in your mold shop easier and more precise.

Integrate all your plastic injection molding shop tasks into one software solution to help manage your shop. Whether building the tool/mold or simply producing molded parts, E2 can help.

When your plastic manufacturing shop gets busy, it can be easy to lose track of the inventory you need for future jobs. E2 will prevent a slowdown in your production process because of low inventory levels.

Powder Coating is the preferred method for finishing metals. It’s also a multi-step process that requires precision and a high level of control. E2 ensures excellent quality of your finished products.

Prototype shops are ideal candidates for a comprehensive ERP software solution. They come in all shapes and sizes and will typically produce parts from the prototype to ensure quality and design.

Repair shops come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing they have in common is the need for software that has accurate job costing and tracking to move jobs in and out in a timely fashion.

Screw machine shops have specific needs that other shops don’t have. For example, E2 MFG has built-in bar calculators to help you figure out how many parts you can get out of a bar of material.

All service shops have one big thing in common: quick turnaround jobs. Regardless of the kind of service shop you run, you need fast, accurate quoting and the ability to look up past jobs quickly.

Flexibility is important for sheet metal fabrication shops because customers are constantly changing due dates, quantities, and everything in between. E2 can accommodate any changes on orders or rush jobs.

Sign Shops are a mix between a job shop and a manufacturer and their needs require software that’s very flexible. You can benefit from a job shop software solution that streamlines everything.

Spring manufacturing has evolved over the years and the challenges have multiplied tenfold. You probably handle many different types of orders, from the prototype to blanket orders with thousands of parts.

Stampers deal with blanket orders where their customers change quantities and due dates often. E2 SHOP gives shop owners the control to make the decisions that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Tool and Die shops need flexible quoting, accurate job costing, and efficient material management. E2 delivers on all fronts. Most tool and die shops would also probably classify themselves as “job shops.”

Wire forming has evolved over the years and with it, the challenges have multiplied tenfold. Now you get all kinds of different orders. Keep all processes and orders organized with E2.

All wood shops need great estimating and accurate job costing. Another hot button for wood shops is realistic scheduling. They need to be able to run all their jobs through the shop efficiently.

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