Quote with confidence. E2 takes the mystery out of estimating so you can protect your margins.

estimatingThe days of manual quotes and best-guess, ballpark estimates are long gone. Your customers are comparing your quotes to your competitors, so you have to be competitive. At the same time, your quote has to be accurate and profitable. To strike that difficult balance, you need data.

E2 gives you the support you need to produce accurate quotes for every job. Whether you’re estimating a quote, job, or part, you can use E2’s wide range of data collection, built-in calculations, customizations, and document builders to quote with confidence. You’ll spend less time producing quotes and more time winning new business.

The E2 Estimating and Quoting module starts with data input. If you’ve completed the job in the past, you can simply pull the needed info from past work on E2’s Data Collection module. You can pre-set codes that automatically input rates and costs for a broad range of items, including:

  • Burden rate
  • Labor rate
  • Set-up time
  • Run/Cycle time
  • Outside services and materials
  • Sales commissions
  • Vendor materials and lead times
  • And many other miscellaneous charges and costs

You can also customize the input to meet the specific needs of the job. For instance, you can apply a discount for certain customers, or calculate margins for price breaks at different volume thresholds.