Retake control of your material purchasing and inventory management. E2 gives you the transparency you need to minimize waste and boost your margins.

You need parts, materials, and other supplies to get the job done for your customers. But ordering those materials can be a tricky task. Order too much and you have excess inventory sitting on the shelf. That’s capital that could have been used more productively.

Everyone wants to be lean, but if you order too few materials, you may come up short on completing a job. That can limit your ability to deliver on-time, and it could erode the trust your customers have in you.

One of the biggest challenges in ordering and stocking materials is that you may not have the information you need readily available. You’re ballparking or making rough, educated estimates. You can’t clearly see the tight relationship between your purchases, your inventory, and your cash flow.

Not anymore. With E2, you get the transparency and control you need to precisely manage your purchasing and inventory at all times. No more excess material wasting away in a warehouse. No more surprise shortages that cause severe delays and scrapping useful materials.

E2 gives you the power to quickly generate accurate orders to manage your materials and your cash flow better.