No more guessing about your profitability. With E2, you can view every job’s cost and schedule in real time. Stay on track and out of the red with E2 job costing.

job costingYou think your quotes are accurate, but how can you be sure? Your assumptions about materials, time and other inputs seem correct, but it’s tough to be certain. Managing a profitable and successful machine shop is challenging when you don’t have all the information you need to conduct a complete analysis.

E2 solves that dilemma for you. The E2 Job Costing and Job Tracking Module allows you to monitor jobs in real time as they move through your production process. You can instantly view the amount of materials used, the hours of labor consumed, and all other inputs.

You can then use that information to compare actual results to pre-job estimates and assumptions. You might find that certain jobs require more labor hours than you anticipated. You may learn about excessive scrap or other inefficiencies, which can help you make improvements on the floor.

When it comes to running a successful machine shop, information and data are your most powerful tools. E2 gives you all the data you need to keep your process running smoothly.