Your customers don’t just expect quality, they demand it. Ensure quality on every job, every time. Boost customer satisfaction, win more business, and eliminate costly delays and reworks with quality control software.

quality control softwareManufacturing is a competitive world. To retain your current customers and win new orders, you have to meet high-quality demands. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to do when you don’t have an efficient process in place.

Quality is a function of process and workflow. When the process isn’t well-defined, there’s an opportunity for variation and defects to arise. The Quality Module in E2 helps you take control of your process, define your workflows, and eliminate potential quality issues before they happen.

The Quality Module fully integrates with all other facets of your shop, including supply chain management, scheduling, data collection, estimating, and more. You get transparency into your workflow so you can see how quality issues happen and what improvements can be made to prevent those issues in the future.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the measurable values that show how a company is effectively achieving their key business objectives. Help your business track and then evaluate your success in reaching your targets. E2 MFG offers customizable KPI dashboards, instant performance reports, and alerts when KPIs are over or underachieving.

When an issue does occur, you’re able to see it immediately, giving you the opportunity to take corrective action quickly. That transparency minimizes delays and prevents the risk of defective products arriving at your customer’s facility.