E2 SHOP is a powerful yet user-friendly ERP system that has helped thousands of shops take their manufacturing businesses to the next level.

E2 SHOP is a powerful yet user-friendly ERP system that has helped thousands of shops take their manufacturing businesses to the next level.

Security & Data Recovery

Shoptech with Google Cloud Platform has extensive security measures in place to protect your data from threats, both physical and online. We have partnered with leaders in the security industry to give you the strongest level of protection available.

Apps for Owners & Employees

E2 SHOP has multiple apps available on the Google Play and iTunes that keep workers safe at their workstations while also getting real-time data on jobs. Owners and managers can see exactly how their shop is doing from anywhere and anytime!

Cost-Efficient & Limited Hardware

Reduced dependence on IT allows you to innovate faster with the cloud. All you need is an internet connection. Shop owners will no longer have to wait for IT to set up their network and can set up in minutes! With Shoptech hosting your data users will save money on IT costs, servers, installation of the software, maintaining updates to the software, and more.

Latest Technology & Updates

Benefit from the latest in hardware and software technology managed by experienced engineers without the expense. Shoptech will continuously download and install software upgrades and security patches, so your system is always up to date.

Flexibility & Ease of Use

With E2 SHOP in the cloud if you have access to internet then you will have access to your E2 system. E2 SHOP has an intuitive user interface but allows for the generation of custom reports and the latest technology for optimal user experience. As your shop grows the infrastructure is already in place to scale with your shop smoothly and efficiently.


Accuracy and Efficiency in Every Estimate. Generate quick quotes with a single mouse click. Fax or email quotes directly from your workstation to get the estimate in the customer’s hand as soon as possible. View detailed information on costs for materials, labor, overhead, and more so you can analyze the profitability of specific jobs. Quickly recall data for similar jobs so you can benchmark estimates for materials and labor.

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Generate machine shop orders efficiently. Eliminate redundant data entry by automatically converting estimates into orders. Track each order seamlessly from estimate all the way to job folder. Automatically pull finished products and materials from inventory so you can monitor your inventory levels in real time. Quickly notify purchasing of any inventory shortages.

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Minimize waste by using the software’s analysis tool to project the scrap on every job. Send quick and automatic RFQs to multiple vendors so they can compete for your business. Vendor competition equals lower prices for you! Automatically tie purchasing needs to purchase orders, so you always order the exact amount of materials.

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Whiteboard Scheduling lets you see bottlenecks before they arise. Run the job at the right time, on the right machine, for peak efficiency. See every process by machine, by employee, or by any time period. Shoptech’s machine scheduling software monitors and controls all machine and job aspects.

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Data Collection

Analyze the profitability of every job in real time. Get immediate insight into your material inventory so you can see exactly what you have on hand at all times. Produce bar-coded job travelers so you can track every detail of every job from beginning to end.

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Quality Control

Analyze your process to see which changes will have the biggest impact. Produce higher quality with more consistency in less time. Collect and analyze a wide range of production data to see if you’re hitting your efficiency and quality goals. Eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies by controlling the workflow all the way from quote to delivery.

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Automatically generate packing slips, bills of lading, and shipping labels. No more writing these out by hand. Access pre-loaded freight charges for all the major carriers so you can quickly calculate your shipping costs. Track shipments online and get your customers instant status updates.

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Produce more than 200 standard reports or even create your own custom reports. Master your cash flow projections with robust accounts payable and receivable tools. Print off checks in a flash. Get an instant snapshot of your financial health with real-time balance sheets, income statements, cash flow reports, and more.

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