With over 8,000 shops throughout North America, Shoptech is the leading provider of Shop Management Software on the market today. The key to finding the right system for your shop comes down to fit; finding the right system for your unique needs. That’s why we offer two solutions; The E2 Shop System for job shops and Make to Order manufacturers and E2 MFG for Repetitive and Discrete manufacturers. Discussing your needs with an E2 sales representative will be the best way to see which system is most right for your shop.

For Job Shops & Make-to-Order Manufacturers needing:
  • Customer specific quoting & job orders – One off to repeat orders
  • Ability to purchase material specific to job(s) and inventory
  • Flexibility with changing customer due dates and job schedules
  • Complete Accounting available or interfaces with QuickBooks
  • Also fits Job based and Mixed-mode manufacturers
For Repetitive and Discrete Manufacturers needing:
  • Discrete orders, sales orders, forecasted, stock, EDI and planned
  • Flexibility to handle product line and complex multi-level BOM structure
  • MRP including complex inventory control or possible light distribution
  • Complete ERP system with integrated financials
  • Fits Mixed-mode manufacturers who are make to order or make to stock

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E2 Shop is Levelling Up

The Next Evolution in Job Shop Management Is Here

E2 Shop is evolving and joining forces with another industry-leading, homegrown job shop management platform, JobBOSS. The combined solution, JobBOSS², will give shop owners even more control over how they scale their businesses, grow revenue, and maximize profitability.