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Start Managing Your Captive Job Shop with Shoptech's E2 Manufacturing Software

In-house captive shops have similar pressures and customer demands to other job shops. Just because captive shops are located within companies, doesn’t make them immune from the challenges facing independent job shops. Captive shops, whether they’re machine shops, fab shops, tool shops or any type of shop, can benefit from a total solution that integrates all the job shop functions and makes it easy to manage your business.

Some captive shops handle small quantities while other shops get into long running jobs. The only constant in a captive shop is change. The E2 Shop System can help you manage that constant change and help you manage the shop more effectively.

Job tracking is a definite hot spot for the captive shop. You need to know exactly where the jobs are on the shop floor and how much work remains to be completed. The powerful yet flexible scheduling whiteboard allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. Run more jobs through the shop with fewer personnel.

Managing inventory is also easier with ERP software. Purchase material directly for the job. No need to keep expensive raw material out on the floor until you’re ready to use it. Set re-order levels for all of your material, tooling, and inserts so you never run out of anything!

Captive shops are always looking at ways to improve efficiencies. E2’s estimated vs. actual report gives you the visibility to see how the actual times compared against the estimated for running a job for a true performance analysis.

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