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E2 will help you improve business performance and profitability.

Total control to get your shop on track

When moving gear blanks through blanking operamanufacturing gears tions and gear machining, you want to make sure every part has the highest level of quality. You can achieve a high rate of production while still meeting national quality standards on gearing. No matter the final dimensions, shape, or surface finish of the gears, your shop can fill anything from high-quantity orders to custom orders precisely. E2 can help make this easier for gear manufacturers.

Improve your processes from scheduling to shipping with E2

  • Get detailed scheduling data with job-related reports and view the Scheduling Whiteboard to see if jobs are on schedule. E2 schedule has the power to schedule your entire shop, with the flexibility to easily make changes if needed. It will also help predict bottlenecks and other disturbances that could slow production.
  • E2 shipping lets you track shipments online, so you can give customers instant updates and ensure you’re meeting all shipping deadlines. It can also automatically generate packing slips, bills of lading, and shipping labels to make shipping a snap.
  • Track raw materials and finished goods in inventory and get real-time information on stock availability. You can tie material orders to particular jobs, so E2 will tell you what to order and when to order it so no job has to wait on material.

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