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Your shop is like no other. Different materials and different processes pose unique challenges. At Shoptech, we’re different too. We’re the authority on job shop software. We know the ins and outs of integrating systems within your business. We’ve been there; we’ve done that. Ultimately, we’re the ones that are going to help you do the job right!

Many Job Shops Share the Same Fundamental Problems.

  • How long is a production run, and how easily can we switch to the next one while minimizing downtime?
  • Do we have the proper materials on hand?
  • Are we going to hit the due dates – not only for manufacture, but for shipping and delivery to the customer?
  • Did we cost-out this unique, one-of-a-kind job properly?
  • How quickly can I generate the job cost estimate and quote?
  • Have I collected real-time labor for accurate job costing?
  • Are we making money, or generating so much scrap that it is actually costing the company cash?
  • Did we send the bill?
  • When are we going to get paid?

In just 20 minutes, our job shop experts can show you the best options to solve these problems for your business. Sign up here for a Free Demo of the E2 Shop System.

Job Shop Manufacturing Software

A manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution can handle all of these situations with ease. The E2 Shop System is for everyone in your shop, from your machine operator to your accounting manager, from your shipping manager to your CEO. ERP brings horizontal integration, which simply means that all your departments talk to each other.

Job Shop ERP Software

ERP software integrates your entire operation. The left hand knows precisely what the right hand is doing! The more automated the process, the less likely there is human error; the fewer manual entries that need to be done, the fewer occasions there are for problems to enter the system. When the shop floor and the front office are sharing precise, accurate, and up-to-the-minute information, it is a simple matter to answer customer inquiries. Employees know when the order is complete because that information is right at their fingertips. They know what is coming up next, so they can plan for an efficient switch-over with minimal downtime.

Does a customer have a good credit history with you so you can extend credit, or do you require pre-payment?

The Sales/Orders Module communicates directly with the Accounting Module which allows (for example) orders from ABC Company up to $30,000 in credit. They’ve ordered $12,000 already this month so a $5,000 order would be automatically approved, but a $20,000 order is flagged and will require a credit extension before the job shop ERP software will accept it. It can’t be over-ridden by a salesman looking for a commission. It now requires a specific approval, protecting your company from over-extending credit.

Job Shop Management Software

When an order comes into the job shop management software, the system immediately begins checking details:

  • Do you have sufficient raw material that is not designated for another project?
  • Do you have time available on the required machines?
  • Can you meet the delivery date?

The system designates material for a job from your inventory. If stock is inadequate, it can alert you as the order is being entered. It can see the delivery schedule for raw materials and advise you when you’ll be able to run it or suggest an additional order of material based on your delivery schedule. In each case, it creates a bill of materials (BOM) for the job. You know precisely what it is going to cost.

Manufacturing Scheduling

The E2 Shop System can schedule the job on one or more machines, based on need and availability, or kick the job out of the queue and refuse it, based on impossible to achieve dates (flag it for a human, to be resolved with the powerful Whiteboard Scheduling Tool).

The job shop software knows your production schedule. It knows which machines are available and which employees can operate a given machine. Job shop software can even help you cost out a new job by comparing previous similar jobs with set-up time, scrap, speed of production, and other factors. It even knows what portion of the job is complete because bar codes track the jobs. You know who is productive because employees log in and out at machines by tapping a screen or scanning their badge. The days of time tickets and manual data entry are gone.

Shoptech is Your Solution

If you’re not using a modern ERP system, you have a significant disadvantage compared to your competitors. Call us today and we will put you back it the race!

In just 20 minutes, our job shop experts can show you the best options for your business. Sign up for a free demo of the E2 Shop System.

For more information, please have a look at our Job Shops Buying Guide, which is available for download now.

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