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machine shop software helps reduce machine downtime

Machine shops come in all sizes, from the one-man shop to the large-scale shop. Some machine shops handle small quantities while other shops get into long running production jobs.

All machine shops have one thing in common. Their customers are constantly changing due dates, quantities, and everything else under the sun.

The only constant in a machine shop is change. E2 Shop System manufacturing software is machine shop software that can help you manage that constant change, and it can help you run your shop more effectively.

Full-Featured Manufacturing Software for Small Business

  • Getting quotes out quickly and accurately is easy with the E2 Shop System. You can even do a “quickie quote” without all of the estimating detail.
  • E2 manufacturing software’s order entry handles all of your release schedules, split deliveries, complex assemblies, split jobs, changing due dates, and much more.
  • E2 engineering manufacturing software lets you see exactly what inventory you have on hand and create the job all in one step.
  • The powerful, yet flexible scheduling whiteboard allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. Avoid those machine bottlenecks, and increase job throughput with great machine shop software.

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