Powder Coating Shops

Use the E2 manufacturing software to simplify and streamline your production process.

E2 is the right solution for Powder Coating Shops.

Powder Coating is the preferred method for finishing metals. It’s also a multi-step process that requires precision and a high level of control. If you’re looking for a solution to ensure excellent quality of your finished products, then E2 has what you need. An ERP system can help you manage the quality of all materials and finished goods coming and going from your shop.

Track your manufacturing process from start to finish.

  • Powder Coating Shops deal with a complex process, but E2 can simplify that by tracking each phase of a job from pre-treatment and blasting stations to assembly and curing ovens.
  • Keep track of all inventory on-hand with the E2 Shop System to meet your shop’s demand and avoid a shortage when a rush job comes up.
  • Certify that your powder coating achieves adequate distribution of raw materials, durable finish, and desired final cured surface appearance with E2 Quality.

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