Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Plan out your production and track WIP with E2 Manufacturing Software.

E2 helps you stand out from the competition

Flexibility is important for sheet metal fabrication shops because customers are constantly changing due dates, quantities, and everything in between. You need a software solution that can accommodate any changes on an order or a rush job.

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For sheet metal fabricators, E2 manufacturing scheduling software has built-in sheet calculators to help you figure out how many parts you can get out of a sheet of material. For the one-of-a-kind job that you’ll never see again, E2 manufacturing inventory software’s estimating can help you look back at similar jobs to help you quote more accurately.

Track all material quantities and stock costs

  • Sheet metal fabrication software allows you to see exactly what inventory you have on hand and create the job all in one step. It will even explode BOMs to create component jobs that need to be manufactured for the customer assembly.
  • E2 quality can help your shop maintain the quality and precision standards by identifying possible problems early in the production process.
  • The E2 manufacturing software can track sheets of metal ordered and follow them through the forming or cutting process.

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