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Meet your sign shop needs with E2 manufacturing software

Sign fabrication shops need a software solution that can accommodate changes as they come up. Some fab shops may build one of something over a two-week period, while other shops get into the high-production runs.

Sign shop typeSign Shops are a mix between a job shop and a manufacturer and their needs require software that’s very flexible. Some sign shops make custom signs, where every sign is different, never to make the same sign again. Other sign manufacturers are just that, manufacturers, that make the same signs over and over. And yet another group are mixed-mode manufacturers, which make some custom signs and also do some repeat work.

Whichever kind of shop you run, you can benefit from a job shop software solution that streamlines everything from estimating and job scheduling to quality control and shipping.

Estimating the true job costs in sign shops

At the end of the day, all of them need great estimating and accurate job costing. Another hot button for sign manufacturers is realistic scheduling. They need to be able to run all their jobs through the shop efficiently.

E2 is flexible enough that sign shops are able to get their quotes out fast, schedule their jobs efficiently, and track their costs effectively. With manufacturing software, they will see exactly which jobs and customers are the most profitable. E2 is also a great fit for sign shops when it comes to design or due dates. Since everything is integrated with E2, any change in the work order automatically updates material requirements and scheduling workload.

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