Wire Forming

Simplify complex orders and massive wire inventories with E2.

Get all types of orders to the floor quickly

Whether you’re bending, flattening, punching, cutting, or straightening wire formingwires; your challenges are unique. Wire forming has evolved over the years and with it, the challenges have multiplied tenfold.

Now you get all kinds of different orders, such as the prototype or short-run services and high-quantity production. Keep all processes and orders organized with E2.

Track all elements of your production process

  • Share real-time information and updates with your customers, so they will know exactly where their order is in your shop’s manufacturing process. Job travelers allow tracking on the floor so you can see jobs as they go from a CNC Wire Forming machine to welding.
  • Reduce manufacturing costs in the shop by tracking the quantity and costing of parts in stock.
  • Avoid defects and non-conformances with E2 Quality, which will record and schedule all preventative maintenance.

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